5 Tips for a natural healthy garden

natural healthy garden

With the arrival of sunny days, what better than to take out your gloves and go back to gardening? It is well known, gardening is a pleasure and a way to relax while making its place of life more attractive. However, many products available in supermarkets have a negative effect on the environment. How to maintain your natural healthy garden without having to use them? Here are 5 natural tips for a healthy garden, which will allow you to please you while respecting the environment.

Here we give some points for a healthy garden

  • Use physical barriers
  • Choose disease-resistant plants
  • Fight only pests
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Compost is your ally

Here we explain 5 tips for natural healthy garden

1. Use physical barriers

One of our best natural healthy garden tips? Protect your plantations. The biggest danger in our gardens? Predators, such as dogs or even rabbits, that risk sacking the fruit of our efforts. Our friends the animals a part of the garden where they can have fun, but not on your feet of tomatoes! To prevent them from having access to our gardens, nothing better than to install palisades. These, if deep enough, will protect your plantations from animals that might attack them.natural healthy gardenIf you want to protect one or a few plants, in particular, it’s easy! Simply use row covers, which will keep them safe from insects, cold, rabbits, and birds. In addition, they do not choke the plants and allow the light to pass. So your garden keeps its beauty and vitality! Continue reading What science says: gardening is good for you?

2. Choose disease-resistant plants

One of the greatest plagues affecting our gardens, apart from animals and insects, is diseases that can affect some plants and spread to others: fungal infections in particular. Do not panic! To avoid this, it’s all about choosing disease-resistant plants. Ask a gardening consultant in store, who will tell you the plants that meet your aesthetic expectations and resistant enough that you do not have to worry about the rest!natural healthy gardenGive your plants space so they can grow and flourish in a healthy environment while having the security of knowing that if one of them is touched, it will be far enough away from others to not also damage them. If, unfortunately, some of your plants are infected, remove them immediately to prevent diseases from spreading to others. Prevention is better than cure!

3. Fight only pests

All insects are not bad for your natural healthy garden! Ladybugs and other small animals are beneficial to this one and our ecosystem. Getting rid of them is not useful, and of course not very green! Targeting pests, in particular, are one of the main natural tips for the garden in the spring. Concentrate your efforts on weevils, beetles, beetles or ants.

You may also like types of jasmine natural healthy gardenWell, we’ll have to put our hands on it! Indeed, a large part of the parasitic insects can be removed by hand. Arm your gardening gloves, and gently remove them. This method could not be simpler and more effective.

Also, prefer non-toxic sprays to chemically fight pests. Insecticidal soap sprays, in particular, are effective, ecological, and do no harm to the fauna and flora. Similarly, they have the advantage of not being toxic to humans, unlike sprays with more corrosive products, whose inhalation has negative effects on our health.

4. Get rid of weeds

To control weeds, you can cover your soil with mulch. This natural trick for the inexpensive garden has the advantage of naturally reducing the appearance of weeds, to refresh the soil and to nourish it, which will allow your plants to grow better.natural healthy gardenIf you see weeds in your garden, procrastination is your enemy! The faster you remove them, the less they will have time to multiply.

To prevent their appearance, use corn products that prevent weeds from growing without damaging the plants in your garden. So you can use these products in your garden. However, keep in mind that these can only be used in the spring before the seeds hatch.

5. Compost is your ally

Another of our natural healthy garden tips: compost! Nothing is easier than to compost, and yet we are not enough to do it! Compost has many advantages: it reduces waste, increases the quality of the soil on which your plants grow, avoids acidification of the soil and is 100% biodegradable and natural.natural healthy gardenIt can be used for your garden, but also for your flower beds, fruit trees, planters, and houseplants. Multiple uses for a product as effective, what to ask for better?

How to compost? Well, you only need a compost bin or use the compost pile system (in your garden or on a balcony) and consult a web page telling you which of your waste is compostable (30% waste is). Then, just mix, and wait.

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And you, what are your favorite natural healthy garden tips?