Five Quick Solutions for the Most Common Decorative Mistakes in a Bedroom

When we decorate our rooms, they are usually given less attention than when we work on the design of a kitchen or living room. However, it is in the bedroom where we will spend more hours in a row. Investing adequately in these stays is very important even if they are not as exposed for a visit as other areas. A bedroom is the anteroom to rest and we must not neglect it, nor commit the five most common mistakes. We leave you the quickest solutions to rectify them and succeed in these spaces.

Choosing a Suitable Bedside Table

It does not necessarily matter what is used as a bedside table, even a chair can replace a bedside table or stacked books, but choosing a piece with the right height and size is essential. To know if we are correct, the table should be equal to or higher than the level of the mattress. If we choose, a low bedside table will be quite uncomfortable, for example, to put a glass of water or leave objects and clocks that do not fall by hand when we need them. Another virtue of a small table at a comfortable height is the space below, ideal as storage.

Successful lighting for every use

A bright decor is worthless if the lighting does not fit the shelf life of a bedroom. For example, a lamp or a wall lamp that provides adequate light should accompany the reading. When using the cabinet or the dressing table, special lighting is also required for these uses. There are intelligent light bulbs that can be operated from the bed, like the Siri wizard, which helps us to turn on, turn off and even raise or lower intensity in our lighting.

The position of a carpet

We often see nice rooms with carpets on the bottom of the bed. Beautiful and decorative are left, but not much more can be said of them. The logical and useful thing is to place the carpets on the sides of the bed, which will serve to be removed and incorporated without having to step directly on the floor. We should not lose the taste for the comfort and warmth they give us when we get up.

Do not use the mobile as an alarm clock

Technology has its right place in the home and it is not ideal to have a cell phone near us at night when we should rest. We can use original alarm clocks for this use and leave out of the bedroom these objects that pass next to us all day.

Distribute the furniture correctly

Sometimes it is forgotten which is the correct position for the bed and the technique of Feng Shui according to Chinese philosophy reminds us. The bed that is the main bedroom furniture together with the wardrobe or dressing room should be placed in a place away from the door and placed so that the door is visible. They are beliefs about the flow of energy through the spaces. What is very clear is that the order in the furniture has its importance, that leaving space around the bed generates amplitude and it is always better not to bump into the bed when entering a room and observe it from a distance. Textile accessories are also part of the elegance in the bedrooms and should be looked after.