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What Is a Film Set Medic?

A film set medic is a medical professional who serves the cast and crew of a film production. The role is significant for keeping people safe and healthy during the show. They may provide emergency [..]

The evolution of James Bond

There is a line of thought that says society gets the James Bond that reflects it. There is a certain logic to that as the character has changed considerably over the years. There has been [..]

Saturday Night Prime Time TV

Every Saturday night is a battleground for our attention. The main terrestrial channels, the Satellite providers and the streaming services are all fighting for us to watch their shows and spend time on them. It [..]

Zach Ertz Net Worth

What is Zach Ertz’s net worth? Net Worth: $16 Million Age: 30 Born: November 10, 1990 Nation of Origin: United States of America Source of Wealth: Professional NFL Player Introduction Zach Ertz is an American [..]

Tom Holland Net Worth

Tom Holland Net Worth

What is Tom Holland’s net worth? Net Worth:        $15 Million Age:      24 Born:    June 1, 1996 Nation of Origin:             United Kingdom Source of Wealth:           Professional Actor Introduction Thomas “Tom” Stanley Holland is an English entertainer, [..]



These 10 famous sexy take the witness of the sexy actresses of 2020 and with them, we launch a decade. Some repeat, others climb positions and others disappear from the list. On this occasion, we [..]

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