The evolution of James Bond

There is a line of thought that says society gets the James Bond that reflects it. There is a certain logic to that as the character has changed considerably over the years. There has been lots of speculation that the next one will be “Jane” Bond. but the producers have moved to quash that and stated Bond will remain male. However, they have not ruled out the possibility of him being black or of mixed race. This will please a very vocal section of the Youtube opinion influencers where the thought of a female Bond was driving them to distraction.

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However, whoever gets the role can be sure that the other Bonds will still get a huge degree of rotation on the TV. Arguably it’s television that has established the character. Its regular broadcasting at Christmas and Bank Holidays have cemented 007 within the country’s psyche. As with back then in the 70’s and 80’s, you’ll still need to have a decent reception on the TV. This where you’ll need the services of a TV aerial repair Gloucester based operation like http://steveunettaerials to look after your needs. Crystal clear reception is a must to truly appreciate the adventures of the UK’s most successful undercover agent.

Looking back over the years it’s clear that Bond has remained a dinosaur. His attitude to drink, women and cigarettes has been lacking to say the least. The first time we meet him he is tugging on a cigarette in a casino, martini nearby and flirting with anyone in a skirt. He’s not about keeping a low profile or being serious. In fact he’s going out of his way to be noticed. This first Bond is the creation of Sean Connery, , himself something of a hard man who also had a lack of attitude when it came to the treatment of women. Despite a brief interlude by Geoge Lazenby, it’s just more of Connery’s Bond. There is an emotional scene when his wife, Tracy, is killed (which, in view of his other faults as an actor, Lazenby nails) otherwise the theme continues. If Bond was a real agent he’d be picked off within minutes.

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The introduction of Roger Moore did not move the character forward at all. It could be argiued that the adding of Moore to the role was guaranteed to keep it that way. As Moore aged the comedy elements of the character were heightened. He does give us one of the best Bonds in “The Spy who loved me” though. By the end of his tenure it seemed the franchise was in the doldrums. Outdated and with little to say.

However, Timothy Daltons Bond breathes new life. The partners Bond has were greatly reduced in the face of the growing HIV/AIDs crisis and the Bond of Pierce Brosnan was more reflective of the laddish, ironic state of manhood in the 90’s and early noughties. Daniel Craig’s Bond is so much more serious and intense. The success of the Jason Bourne series put renewed emphasis on the need for a dramatic upgrade to the character. Where he goes next is anyone’s guess.