Amazing Things That Are Made From Sheet Metal

There are a multitude of products made from sheet metal. Some are purely functional, such as oven liners, while others are aesthetically pleasing. Aluminium foil is one of the most common uses for sheet metal, and most of us don’t even realise it. To learn more about the many amazing things that are made from sheet steel, read on.

Several metals, including aluminium and brass, can be made into sheet metal. Copper and steel are common types of sheet metal, as are tin, nickel, titanium, and other alloys. Silver and gold are common decorative sheet metals, while platinum is an industrial alloy and is used as a catalyst in chemical processes. There are also many applications for sheet metallic components, from car body panels to furniture.

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The automotive and aerospace industries use sheet metal to construct vehicle bodies. Aeroplanes are made of a strong composite of sheet metal and steel to protect their parts. The construction industry uses sheet metal for ductwork, roof flashing, gutters, and other structural parts. Even the equestrian industry uses a variety of sheet metal for tack and decorative breastplates. These uses prove that sheet metal is an amazing material that can be forged into incredible creations. For more information on how Bending Machines are used in the sheet metal manufacturing process, visit a site like

There are many different ways of forming metal into the thickness and shape required for manufacture and bending is just one of them. Others include pressing, rolling, spinning and stamping, for example.

Throughout the 20th century, sheet metal was made into a vast array of products and extensively in transport networks and vehicle manufacture. You’ll be amazed at the many items you can create with sheet metal. Countless everyday items have been produced using different methods for moulding sheet metal. Very thin sheets are known as foil or leaf, such as aluminium foil, whilst thicker pieces of 6mm in width or more are considered structural steel.

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In the automotive industry, sheet metal is used in almost every aspect. From cars to trucks, rail cars, to aeroplane wings, sheet metal is used in almost every product. In the construction industry, sheet-metal components include oil pans, spring housing, roofing and seating. In many ways, sheet-metal is an indispensable material in any fabrication shop.

Other applications for sheet metal include wire rope, which is used for electrical cables and construction binding materials. Galvanised metal cables are used in electronics, and playground equipment is often made out of sheet-metal. Decorative sheet-metal products include gold, silver, and platinum. The latter is usually used for the purpose of catalysing reactions. These metals are largely recyclable and can be reused for many purposes, making them an ideal choice for everyday products for consumers.