What should a man pack for a weekend away?

What sort of packer are you? Do you just stuff a couple of T-shirts and some clean underwear into a carry-on bag? Or do you end up cramming most of your wardrobe into a suitcase and end up sitting on it to get it to close?

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In many ways packing for a short break is much harder than for a long one. You’ll find lots of advice online, http://www.artofmanliness.com/travel-packing-list-for-men/ but if you’re only going for two or three days you don’t want to be lugging a huge bag.

Type of trip

The first thing to consider is what type of trip this is, how you’ll be travelling and what you’ll be doing. On days when you’re travelling choose comfortable clothes with things like T-shirts, hoodies and jackets that you can layer to take account of conditions. Remember that the things you’re wearing won’t take up space in your case.

Take account of the weather too. In summer you’ll need shorts and since these take up less space in your bag you should pack them and wear jeans or long trouser to travel. In winter you’ll need bulkier jackets and jumpers, again wear what you can to save space. For beach breaks don’t forget swimwear, sandals and a beach towel.

Whatever type of trip it is there may be times when you need a semi-formal look, for meals out, say. You don’t need to go overboard, a smart long-sleeved shirt and tailored trousers or chinos are fine. You can always use the shirt with rolled sleeves or over a T-shirt during the day too. If you’ve travelled in trainers you’ll need to pack some smarter shoes too. For more formal weekends you may need a smart jacket or blazer.

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Whether you’re staying in luxury Birmingham apartments like Whether you’re staying in a luxury Birmingham serviced apartment like http://birminghamservicedapartments.co.uk/ or in a hotel, there are some things you’ll need for every trip. These are the things like underwear and socks, shaving kit, wash bag, toothbrushes and paste, deodorants, sunscreen and so on.

Finally, think about technology – your phone charger is pretty much essential but are you taking other gadgets like a camera, tablet or Kindle? If any of these things charge via a USB socket you may be able to pack just a single charger to cope with all of them.