Author: Tiffany Hurd

The Importance of Anger Management

Everyone gets angry from time to time. Different things in life annoy different people. Anger is a perfectly valid emotion that everyone feels every now and then. It is part of life. Anger can even [..]

The evolution of James Bond

There is a line of thought that says society gets the James Bond that reflects it. There is a certain logic to that as the character has changed considerably over the years. There has been [..]

What shoes to wear and when

There is a time and place for the right kind of shoes. The formal and informal settings determine what you are going to be wearing on your feet. Here is a quick guide for the [..]

Saturday Night Prime Time TV

Every Saturday night is a battleground for our attention. The main terrestrial channels, the Satellite providers and the streaming services are all fighting for us to watch their shows and spend time on them. It [..]

Become Familiar With French Cuisine

The citizens of France are world-famous for their cuisine. Due to its refined reputation, foreigners may picture French food as the purview of fancy restaurants. However, such “haute cuisine” is only part of what French [..]