Guide to chic: 10 tips to have an impeccable style

chic style

Do you want to be refined and perfect for every occasion? You can, just take care of some details … 10 to be precise!

The dream of any woman, we know, is to belong to those elite-fashion lucky elite who seem born with a quid more in terms of style. On top of the desires of every self-respecting fashion-lover we find in fact a recurring widespread dream: to be “the one who does not miss a beat”, that is a kind of Anna Wintour that is capable of dictating the law in fashion , at least in her own environment (and in the management of your wardrobe!).

Well, if it is true that dreams are desires, it is also true that with a (nice!) Bit of effort and with the right tips nothing is impossible.

It is often said that class and taste are innate qualities, and in part, it is true. But beyond personal virtues, fashion has its golden rules. Knowing them and applying them conscientiously, never forgetting a pinch of personality will take you on the “way of chic” and will help you not to miss a beat.

Notes and pen in hand therefore, here is our 10 style tips to always be impeccable …

chic style

1. Clothes taking into account the occasion

The rule number one, the one to which you should think every time, undecided before the wardrobe, you prepare to make an outfit is this: for every situation corresponds to a set adequate, and that’s a fact.

One of the worst mistakes you can make in terms of looks is to not take into account the occasion for which you dress. If you have to attend a special event, like a wedding for example, you can’t show up in overalls or with a casual outfit, right? Here, exactly the same is true for the opposite: to take the dog out or for a lunch with friends, stiletto heels and mini-dresses will make you look, however sexy, absolutely out of place.

2. Mix up to three colors at a time

It seems trivial, but combining too many colors in one look makes the end result too chaotic: the Harlequin effect is always around the corner! This does not mean not daring with color-mixes, but choosing the nuances to match, taking care to respect, and a few guidelines that will help you keep the whole harmonious and balanced. The rule of three colors is certainly one of these.

In fact, this fashion-diktat imposes a maximum of three shades in the same outfit, to always be dosed with skill. Such as? Not forgetting to insert at least one basic shade, which supports the others in the play of colors without contaminating the whole. If then two out of three shades are neutral, then the third color must be bright and become the protagonist of the look.

3. Solid color yes, but choose basic colors

Speaking of color-mixes, beware: the “rule of three” does not mean that you are necessarily obliged to use three colors all together! The charm of a solid color in fact is definitely timeless, but even the use of a single color has its rules.

If you decide to focus on a single nuance make sure that, it is a basic shade, not too strong nor too particular. The most extravagant fashion colors worn in an all-over way are a gamble and necessarily need to be balanced by neutral shades, at least on accessories. Focusing instead on a total-white light or on a timeless total black will give you the guarantee of being absolutely perfect.

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chic style

4. Indulge your silhouette

Knowing and accepting your physique is the first and most important step to enhance its strengths and camouflage its defects. There is nothing to ruin an outfit in fact like a wrong fitting. Wearing garments with cuts (or sizes) that do not go well with your silhouette will certainly do nothing but remove charm from the whole, whatever the underlying error and whatever it may be.

Whether you are tall or short, curvy or very thin, always remember that there are clothes made just for you: just find the right models and make them “never again without” your wardrobe.

5. Take into account your age

To dress well not only is it important to know one’s own forms, it is also fundamental to know how to compare oneself with the years that pass. Every age has its own style and must be respected: it is not (only) a matter of physical, but also and above all of good taste. Once the “doors” have been passed, in fact, style and personality must always have the upper hand over the trends of the moment. Remember: as much as it may seem a contradiction, wearing clothes called “youthful” tends to emphasize, by contrast, a more mature age.

The first rule is therefore to banish from your wardrobe everything that is too extreme, sexy or aggressive, in favor of iconic and transversal garments.

This obviously does not mean letting oneself go to boredom, on the contrary it means showing off charm and good taste, adapting one’s own style to one’s age with the right awareness and – why not – also to the fashions of the moment.

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6. The cornerstones of the wardrobe

There are some garments universally recognized as must-haves  in women’s wardrobes, they are iconic pieces that do not undergo fashions and act as  passe-partout  on the most varied occasions. If we were to give a shape to the concept of “chic” we would surely think of a tailored blazer, a suit, a little black dress (a black sheath dress), a silk shirt or a pair of pumps with stiletto heels and clean line. Put these pieces in your wardrobe and mix them with the trends of the moment: the result is guaranteed.

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chic style


7. Care for lingerie

Even the intimate wants its part. And to make us feel more beautiful and confident than ourselves, it plays a truly fundamental role. Nothing exaggerated or too sexy, simplicity always pays: the important thing is that it is taken care of and (possibly) coordinated.

It is also known that, in recent seasons, the lingerie is taking some revenge, coming out of the closet. If you opt for this option, make sure that the underwear you decide to wear is adequate: play with silks, alluring but never very vulgar and refined lace, and try to balance the whole with soft and very chic allure.

8. Choose quality fabrics

A really chic look needs quality, there is no doubt about it. The temptation to give in to fast-fashion is always around the corner, and at times it is also granted. But be careful, the quality of the fabric you wear will certainly not escape a trained eye! Advice? As far as possible, he always focuses on valuable compositions , or at least tries to play on mix and match that also take into account the often underestimated “fabric factor”.

Silk, satin and cashmere, but also linen and organic cottons have endless advantages: they hardly wear out, they always give an optimal fit and guarantee an extra gear to every outfit. Make sure you put some of these fabrics in your wardrobe and use them as a base for your most refined outfits.

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9. Less is more

“Before going out, look at yourself in the mirror and take away something”, word of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel. A classy look does not need too many frills and “less is more” undoubtedly remains one of the golden rules of “dressing well”, one of those to be printed and framed.

Giving in to the temptation to add an accessory or bijoux to the look is in fact very easy and decidedly more frequent than imagined, but if we think about it too much, we risk only creating confusion and taking harmony from the whole. Focus on clean lines and a few well-designed accessories: you will surely be the emblem of “chic”.

10. Don’t slavishly follow fashion

Last but not least, here is our last (but very important) advice: following the trends of the moment is only good if done with measure and common sense. The ideal is to mix fashion with your style and without forgetting your physicality, always finding the right compromise between your way of being and the proposals of the catwalks. Remember that it will only be your very personal way of interpreting the trends to make you special in the eyes of all, otherwise you will be “one of many”. Therefore, before leaving home, always check that you have worn the most important item: your personality.

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