Pink nail polish: tips, combinations, application

The pink enamel never goes out of style and is one of the must-haves that you should never miss the beauty of each girl.

Whether you are a lover of cyclamen, soft nude, pastel shades, or very lively fuchsia it does not matter: the baby look is always current and today we will see how to combine, apply and enhance this color in the best way!

Pink nail polish: tips on short nails

Many girls who wear short nails prefer to paint them in light colors such as pink, beige or nude. On these hands, therefore, it is necessary to choose a nuance that knows how to enhance the more moderate lengths.

Therefore, opt for a powder, an antique pink, or for flesh on women who love soft shades, for fuchsia or cyclamen on those who, on the other hand, love to dare a little more.

Whether in single-color gel or in simple nail polish, you can enrich the pink manicure with small decorations performed with the  dotter, elegant flowers to be created with a brush or stripes or polka dots for a more romantic and vaguely boyish look.

Alternatively, you can also create a simple tone-on-tone jewel accent, enriching the ring finger with sparkling glitter that will embellish your hands without too much difficulty.

 Pink nail polish on long, medium, and reconstructed nailsPink nail polish

On medium, long and reconstructed nails in gel or acrylic you can indulge yourself by creating an infinite number of different nail art, freeing your imagination as you prefer.

The pink base is perfect both for those who love the most romantic manicures, and for those who want to test their skills with microprinting, swiping, and other techniques.

You could, for example, make a fuchsia or cyclamen French manicure, perhaps adorned with a nice bow as you see in the photo below. A nice idea, cheeky, and also quite simple to make with or without glitter.

For all those who feel romantic or do not particularly like too bright colors, you can also make white lines or simple polka dots on a light base. The result will be somewhat reminiscent of dolls’ dresses or delicate pajamas!

 Pink nail polish combinations with make-up and outfits

Many girls like to match the color of their nails to that of their make-up or outfit. With pink nail polish, you can never go wrong!

Suitable for any informal, casual situation, with a more sporty look, it will give the best of itself if coordinated with the t-shirt, jacket, or accessories (bag and shoes).

Choose a light one to complete natural make-up, in shades of beige, taupe and nude, opt for cyclamen or a shocking pink if you want to emphasize a more decisive make-up, perhaps in shades of fuchsia or plum.

Pink nail polish is one of the most versatile on the market, an evergreen always in a fashion suitable for many occasions. My advice is therefore to buy two or three in as many different shades so that you can always have the right color at hand in every situation.