Can you wear black to a wedding? Now you can!

May has finally arrived and so are the wedding invitations. Hordes of summer weddings have already arrived at Vintachic in search of the perfect outfit, each with doubts, questions, and qualms. The most frequent? Black at the wedding, never!

The etiquette in fact bans some colors, including white, first of all, red, black, and purple. But all with the necessary mitigating factors. In fact, each of these colors can actually be worn, but adopting some precautions: white does not have to be absolute but could appear together with other colors, even if in a small part. The purple is not auspicious especially if the spouses are superstitious. But today there are a myriad of nuances that dot this hue;

Red is a color that if approached to the white of the bride, would obscure her figure. But also, in this case, can be remedied by a dusty tone. According to the bon ton, long ceremonial dresses are allowed for evening weddings; with longuette dresses, you are never wrong. Especially after a certain age;  sexy and provocative looks are therefore abolished.

As for black?

Although black has long been a taboo at weddings, today it has finally been cleared of etiquette. So much so that label expert Diane Gottsman said:   “There is nothing wrong with wearing black at a wedding, with spectacular shoes and beautiful jewelry you can be very elegant and appropriate”.

After all, the black dress has always been an ally of women, especially of curvy friends, capable of lightening the figure and giving confidence. But the risk is to be too dark is always around the corner. It is, therefore, necessary to adopt the right tricks. Wear clothes with impalpable and light fabrics, perhaps embellished with rouches, flounces. Or with little flowers that bloom here and there on the mini and long dresses!

Accessories to tone down the black are essential, play with shoes, bags. And stoles in pastel shades such as pink, lavender, or mint green. But also sparkling tones of gold or silver. Or with bright red accessories. Complete the look with eye makeup in a light and luminous tone, while for the lips use bright lipstick, red, orange, or cherry and you will certainly be perfect!

And, if the dress is vintage, it will be even more appropriate. Since in the past, the black dress was widely used as a symbol of elegance and sobriety.

Black has now become so legitimate at weddings, that it is also used by stars and crowned heads accustomed to black: the model Cara Delevigne, who at the wedding of Eugenie of York surprised everyone with a tuxedo, the girl for the big day of sister Chloe opted for a little black dress paired with a camel coat. Also in another royal wedding, that of Kate and William, someone else has shown off black. It is Victoria Beckham in a soft total black with an accompanying pillbox. Even the Duchess of Cambridge herself at the wedding of friends wore a black dress and coat, toning down with a burgundy decollete.

If you are finally convinced to wear black, keep in mind other simple rules to be the perfect guest.

-Where and when

Watch out for participation to find out if there is a  dress code indicated by the spouses. If the wedding will be civil or religious, night or day, in the city center, in a garden or on the beach, so that you can choose a suitable outfit.

For the day short dress, midi, or suit in pastel tones or floral pattern. For the evening, space for the long, with a hint of shimmer, or why not an intriguing jumpsuit, in this case, the color palette becomes more intense (from forest green to navy blue, without neglecting the less popular burgundy and teal). If, on the other hand, the wedding is held in a church, it is essential that you do not show up with bare shoulders and that your dress reaches below the knee. The location is also fundamental, for a villa we recommend a refined and elegant outfit, for a country-style wedding a more sober and jaunty look.

-Less is more

Do not overdo the outfit, as well as accessories, make-up, and hair, the mantra of the day is not to obscure the bride! Pendants, belts, jewel shoes are all very fashionable accessories, but wearing them all together you risk sinning in excess. For this, you need to measure the accessories well and know that if the dress you have chosen is printed. It should be combined with monochrome accessories. If on the contrary, you choose a simple style in pastel shades. You can play with the rest of the accessories to revive the look.

-The right accessories

Even in the choice of accessories, some precautions must be kept in mind. Starting with the hat, remember that it is worn only if the mother of the bride is also wearing it. And for ceremonies in the morning or outdoor receptions. In addition, in closed places, such as in a church, women can keep it, and then remove it when sitting at a table. For the choice of shoes, the most elegant are undoubtedly the closed ones. As well as slingbacks and open toes, while the jewel sandals are to be reserved for the evening. During the day it is possible to combine a small-medium size bag to be worn over the shoulder or arm, favoring the classic kid. Even in the eco version. Banned handbags or sachets, granted only in the late afternoon, glitter or more precious decorations.