Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage


It’s time to vacation and touched review that “maintenance” we conducted, almost without realizing it, for a while: exfoliation, waxing, the result of that cellulite has therefore promised a repository to the wicks, dye … it seems that everything is ready! And yet, the early days of beach are “scary” for most of us. Attentive to the most basic, sometimes we forget some other detail that in the worst case can become a real problem.

An example? Although I do not want to tan my face, I recognize that until we have a few days in contact with the sea breeze, my appearance leaves much to be desired. I am from passing through various shades, before getting a healthy tone, and my face is a poem. That is just one of the stumbling blocks I find in my first vacation days, those days that most got tired, disoriented and even in some cases, something foolish with our choices of care. Win this effect is the mission enjoy from the outset, the goal.

What I face! What do I do?

In addition, suddenly, we are deprived of “all” makeup product in the face during those days of transition towards a new look. Days, in most cases, meetings, meals, greetings, you would want to deal with right product in the circumstances.

This year I tried 182 Teint Compact SPF 50+ of Maria Galland, formulated for summer days. If you care about the imperfections, dark circles, this compact long -lasting makeup suits all skin tones and tans the skin gently. Color provides such a flattering, is so light and protects so well that it has become one of my essential. Just a hazard, its effect is so beautiful on the skin that ye may not do without it.

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I with this hair!

How the queue again for every holiday? You must know that maintaining a beautiful hair on the beach is not mission impossible. There are specific that give a beautiful appearance and the care of sun damage. It’s just applying a flagship product to prevent any damage caused by the sun, salt and chlorine. This year I am completely seduced by the new collection Glacial White Caviar Collection Resor Miriam Quevedo, designed for hair care in extreme conditions.

Are 4 products, exclusive care to protect and prevent dehydration. Formulated with precious oils and botanical extracts encapsulated with Swiss glacial water, white caviar oil, camellia oil among other components, contain no parabens and sulfates or silicones. I recommend the sun Dry Oil for Hair and body a protective shield antiaging haze, “all in one” because it also can be used as body protector. To easily and quickly in the summer evenings, peinaros Beach Waves , it is a texturizing mist formulated with sea foam that provides volume and body to create a hairstyle wavy effect, very natural beach.

Cleasing Balm and Leave-in Conditioner without rinsing are the other two great products that complete the line.

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Slow to pick up color

If you have, a few days holiday or are of those that you delay in suntan, you can prepare your skin from now with Tan Maximizer of the Sun Soul Comfort Zone line. A delicious cream tan activator gel with 85% ingredients of natural origin, which aims to obtain the maximum benefit with minimal sun exposure. It is very moisturizing, very nice, and besides accelerating the tanning process, it will also be very useful around holiday because, if you so dais then, it extended.

The entire line of solar aging Sun Soul aims to strengthen the natural defenses of the skin and protect the skin DNA before, during and after exposure. It is developed without silicones, parabens, and mineral oils and up to 90% ingredients of natural origin, broad – spectrum UVA protection UVB water – resistant, photostable and free of nano filters.

I forgot that I will be barefoot!

When you discover out having forgotten to bring a pedicure in conditions! Although I care all year and keep my feet with precious enamels, now I give them special care because they can become protagonists undisputed summer. Is there anything nicer than a bare foot care and brocade? D-nails are one of the best options when carrying out a perfect pedicure. Fast, spotless and with many establishments and addresses provides various types of pedicures.

A few days ago, I did the traditional, focused tune the skin and nails, and glazing. The choices are many, the trend this year is to combine colors, metallic, pastel or glazed mirror. It all depends on your taste and palat ability, but summer always gives reason to innovate.

You are a time to remember those little things that you have failed on arrival at the beach on other occasions. It is time to prepare everything so that nothing will prevent enjoy from the first minute. Ultimately, nothing is as important as enjoy and relax butt!