12 tips to recover from emotional pain

Pain is because he is trying to tell us something. Basically I could say two things: that “would be more alive if we did more this” or that “life would be better if we did not do much this.” And according to Peter McWilliamsue, once we understand the pain message and follow his advice, the pain goes away.

We tend to be afraid of emotional pain. We would do anything to avoid it. We all try to escape and hide from him, and the irony is that the more we try to reject and resist, the stronger it gets, and stays with us longer.

We all have good and bad moments. All experimental emotional pain from time to time. But this does not mean there is something wrong with us. On the contrary, only shows that we are human, we have emotions and feelings. Luminita D. Saviuc writes these 12 tips to recover from the emotional pain and heal faster and better.

  1. Take everything you face with grace

“Everything in what you are against weakens you. Everything in what you’re for, you empower “. Wayne Dyer

Let go of all those feelings of anger, dislike or frustration you may have against yourself, your emotional pain, or your current reality. Do not resist anything. Take everything you face gracefully. Surrender to what is. Accept what you’re going through, all your thoughts, emotions, and frustrations. Accept your emotional pain as if you had chosen.

tips to recover from emotional pain2

  1. Give yourself time

Removing the darkness of our minds and hearts takes time. To accept the presence of emotional pain in our lives takes time. So, give yourself time. Time to relax, time to heal, and time to heal completely. Be gentle with yourself, and trust that everything happens exactly as it should go.

  1. Let go of control

“There is a time to move forward, and a time to fall behind; a time to move, and a time to rest; a time to be strong, and a time to be exhausted; a time to be safe and a time to be in danger. The teacher sees things as they are, without trying to control them. Let pass in his own way, and resides in the center of the circle. “Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Please refrain from comments like: “I’ve felt this way for too long. It should be fine at this point. Why take so long to leave the pain? “Among others. Let things take their natural course. Allow yourself to heal your own pace. Leave the need to control the healing process. Let go of the need to speed up recovery.

tips to recover from emotional pain

  1. Suffer consciously

Observe your emotional pain, your anguish and your frustrations. Look at the constant flow of negative thoughts that go through your mind. The terrible stories that continue to feed your pain but choose not to identify with them. See yourself as one who is watching all the emotional pain and discomfort. But do not let that pain is part of who you do. Do not make your personal life story. Do not do yours.

“Consciously suffer is when you feel it, you realize, and accept suffering. Stop being suffering if it is only pain. To be suffering you must have an unhappy I, with a history, and a world that is causing you this. “Eckhart Tolle

  1. Your loving pain

Nobody likes being in the presence of pain. We all want to get rid of it. As far as possible to escape it. But sometimes the pain requires our presence, our attention and our concentration. There are times where pain requires be felt. So take the time to know your emotional pain. To nurture it, to understand it. Do not curse your pain. Love your pain, and this will go.

“Darkness cannot fight the darkness; only light can do that. Hatred does not alienate hatred; only love can do that. “Martin Luther King,

  1. Give time, time

“Time heals almost anything. Give time, time. “Regina Brett

The away the darkness of our minds and hearts takes time. The heal our wounds and accept the presence of emotional pain in our lives takes time. So give time, time.

  1. Spend time alone with yourself

When you love someone, you spend time alone with that person, quality time. And in difficult moments of our lives, when pain is present in our hearts and in our minds, spend time alone with ourselves is one of the best gifts we can make ourselves.

tips to recover from emotional pain3

Take time to be alone with yourself. To recognize, love and appreciate the beautiful parts of yourself. To love and know. To rest, to have a time to heal and recover completely from everything you’re going through.

“Your light is visible, your heart is known, your soul is appreciated by more people than you can imagine. If you knew how many people touched beam of wonderful ways without realizing it, you’d be surprised. If you knew how many people feel so much for you, you’d be shocked. You’re much more wonderful than you think. Rest in that. Rest easy on that. Breathe again. You’re good. More than good. Better than good. You are excellent. So relax. And love yourself today. “Neale Donald Walsch

  1. Get help and support

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Of the people who make you laugh, that help you when needed. Of the people who actually care about you. These are the only ones worth keeping in our lives. All the rest just happen. “Karl Marx (composer)

Seek help and emotional support of those who love and trust. Surround yourself with happy and positive people. People you can make people laugh, they can make you see how beautiful life is, and you can show that there is always something to crave.

  1. Let nature heal you and console you

“One must be alone under the sky, before everything is in place, and one can find their own place in the middle of everything. We must have the humility to realize that we are part of nature. “Thomas Merton

Spend more time outdoors, and nature seeking evidence of deterioration, destruction and death. In a new birth, rejuvenation and renewal. And remember that you too are part of nature. Let nature be a wise friend, teacher and companion. Let nature heal you and comfort you. Teach you more about the infinite circle of life. About the birth, life, death, rebirth and about yourself.

  1. Do not demand it nothing like yours

He loves all things, but do not cling to none. Make peace with the idea that nothing in this life lasts forever, that nothing belongs to you. Live every day like it’s your last. Each time as there was your only moment. It takes the best of everything that life gives you, and do not waste time arguing against what is.

“Most of our problems are due to our passionate desire to cling to things that misunderstand as enduring entities.” Dalai Lama

“A person who lives moment to moment, which keeps dying to the past, never clings to anything. Clinging comes from accumulated past. If you can stay free from the past in every moment, you’re always fresh, young, and newborn. Throb with life, and this pulse gives you immortality. You’re immortal, only that you do not realize this. “Osho

  1. Turn your words into wisdom

Every experience that happens on your way comes to you for some reason. Seeks to know why. Looking learns from painful experience each and every painful interaction that life sends you. Be an alchemist. Turn your wounds into wisdom and your difficulties into opportunities. Let your pain make you better, not more embittered

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. “Albert Einstein

  1. There is no evil that lasts forever

If you’re still alive, if you’re still breathing, it means you have a lot of life still to live. Many places to go, many new and exciting things to do, to learn and to love. A yes that keeps his composure. Dust yourself off and start all over again. He begins to rebuild your life, and make it ridiculously incredible. Do not let the bad and painful experiences make you feel that you had a bad and painful life. Do not let a rainy day dampen your fun. Never forget that the sun always shines above the clouds. He’s always up there.

“Our real blessings often appear before us in the form of pain, losses and disappointments; but we have patience, and soon we see them in their real figure. “Joseph Addison