Anxiety on the first date? Science can help


Is the anxiety you make it difficult when connecting with people you would like to spend more time? You may end up meeting someone but you are worried that your nerves they throw it all away. People with anxiety may be too hard on themselves, they tend to think that something bad will happen and usually feel judged for the rest.

Sometimes the mere thought of a social situation can cause panic attacks: surges of intense anxiety lasting a few minutes and make you feel as if you were to give a heart attack, could lose control or go crazy. In some social situations, those suffering from anxiety may feel short of breath and dizzy, sweating, flushing, tremors and stomach discomfort. There are many people with anxiety. In fact, one of every 14 people in the world suffers some anxiety attack at any time, women and teenagers being the most affected. However, it is possible to overcome anxiety and have a good quote and this is what scientists say about it.

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Do not focus on the worst

People with anxiety tend to worry about what could go wrong in a situation and hence to fear that will do or say something to be ashamed of. These thoughts not only create a very negative mental state characterized by fear and helplessness, but can also affect the body physically, increasing the secretion of stress hormones.

Negative thinking will not let you get the best of you and the best way to overcome it is to stop mulling over what can go wrong. As something, you worry, forget it and think it’s just a thought or a mental state that will go no further as it has been. This technique is based on meditation and many studies have shown that meditation helps reduce anxiety.

Another thing you can do when you feel stressed or anxiety is give you pause a few minutes and just focus on your breathing. Do not focus on the thoughts just let them go and re-focus on breathing until you relax and feel calmer.

Face your fears

One of the best ways to overcome anxiety is to face several times those circumstances that you fear ( not only in terms of appointments ). The fact exposed to situations or people that make you feel anxiety will come a time when you have less fear and you realize you’re stronger than you thought.

When socializing (or any other type of phobia) A gradual exposure is an effective way to overcome nerves begins with situations that give you little fear and go gradually increasing to handle situations that you actually produce anxiety. For example, the next time you go to an event, try to talk about trivial things or give your opinion when people are talking in a group and do the next time for longer and with more people. This will make social situations you fear to stop and give you more confidence when you are with people.

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Do not go over and over again in your head talks

You just meet someone and you cannot stop repeating over and over in your head the conversation you have just had. Several studies have shown that re-review the conversations in your head (especially those which you’re not sure) will only make your anxiety increases.

If there is a problem that needed solving, focus on fixing it or do something about it, but do not repeat in your head. It is facing the problems and, according to studies, people who do tend to be more positive than those who choose to let their emotions control them. For example, if someone does something that bothers you, say it and do not give head laps later.


Many self – help books talk about what you should do to attract not decay but does not seem to be the best way to tackle the problem. Maybe the other person is attractive and fun (and know exactly what to say to get you hooked), but should not be the only thing. Instead of worrying about what the other person thinks of you or be so self-critical, test your interest in the other person and determines whether it is worth.

You might realize that no matter how handsome or beautiful it actually lies more than speaking, is not reliable or say things that do not really think. Is it worth having a relationship with someone like that? Because the only thing worse than having a bad relationship for a year is to have a bad relationship for a year and a day.