The Five Reasons Given for Divorce in the UK

Marriage in this day and age is something that is very different to how it was years ago. More and more marriages nowadays end in divorce – this is due to many things, cultural changes and the roles that each partner plays in a marriage have shifted a lot over the past few decades, and this has meant that marriage has also changed a lot too.

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Divorce is something that is difficult and stressful to go through, and there are lots of things that needed to be discussed and arranged, as well as the fact that the correct legalities need to be dealt with. For this, most people find a solicitor that specialises in divorce such as this family law solicitor Gloucester.

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There are many reasons that people list for divorce – these are the main five…

Separation (two years if both parties agree) – A divorce can be granted if a couple have lived apart for the past two years and crucially, if both partners agree to this. If there is one partner who does not agree to the divorce, the separation for two years is not a valid reason and a divorce will not be granted.

Separation (five years, even if one partner does not agree) – If the couple have lived apart for five years, then separation can be given as a reason for divorce, even if one of the couple does not agree to it. Sometimes people who wanted a separation at two years but the other partner refused will wait for the five years of living apart to elapse and go down this route.

Adultery – This is a common reason for divorce although there are some things to remember. If the affair has ended and the innocent partner has found out six months or longer ago, then it is then no longer a valid reason for divorce. It is also a good idea to have evidence of adultery if this is the route that you are going down.

Unreasonable Behaviour – This is the most common reason by far for divorce in the UK. This is because this covers many things and it basically says that the one partners behaviour was so bad that the other could not stay married to them. This could be abuse from physical to financial abuse, addictions like gambling or alcoholism, or financial issues caused by one party, such as racking up huge debts or refusing to pay for joint expenses.

Desertion – This is the least common reason given in the UK for divorce. This is used when one partner unexpectedly leaves and moves into a different home, no longer contributing to the marriage in any way. Once the deserting partner has been away for two and a half years, then the reason of desertion can be given for the divorce.