How to know if it is the love of my life

Love of life

“And they lived happily ever after” is the phrase that concluded the stories everyone told us when we were little, but we know that history does not always end well. Real life little (or nothing) has to do with children’s stories. There are many skeptics who do not believe in “forever” against the hopeless romantics who await the arrival of the love of their lives.

You’re disbelieved or lovesick, the truth is that it is very difficult to know when you’ve found the right person and if that relationship will be the last and final. If you are interested in how to know if the love of your life, you do not stop reading this article where you will find some of the keys to see if that special someone is the love of your life.

Love of life
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How to know if I’m in love

Learn to recognize who is the person who best suits you goes beyond the infatuation. Surely, all of us have ever fallen in love throughout our lives and, as they say, is a unique and indescribable feeling (saving the famous butterflies in the stomach).

However, both romantic movies have idealized love that often, we find it hard to differentiate between reality and fiction; that is, we seek or require our partner to be or behave as they do the protagonists of our favorite film. This conception of love relationships is wrong and we have to change the perspective: you should not look, as they say, your soul mate, but understand that each person is, in itself, a complete orange.

Thus, it is not necessary that both think alike about everything or have the same interests and hobbies, but it is the fact that each member of the couple know accept and respect what the other party wants. To know if the love of your life first thing you need is to feel empathy for that person, understand and love her as is and, from there, see if it’s friendship or love.

Signs that is the love of your life

Love is such a special and authentic feel that we cannot afford to miss. Fall in love, because when you feel you have found your true love , everything else automatically moves to the background, have eyes only for your partner, you think about her all the time and want to spend as much time with her.

But how do you know if the love of your life? Well, there are a number of signs that suggest that this is the right for you like, for example, the feel good on your side because you compliments person, even if you have tastes, different ideas or opinions on any aspect or the love your partner because you can be herself and vice versa. In short, to experience that feeling of wanting to spend your whole life with that person.

“You’re in love when he realizes that the other person is unique” – Borges

This quote from Borges perfectly sums up the feelings of a person in love. Despite the social pressures of today, where romantic relationships come and go, the love of your life is a unique person, and not only that, but it is the person who makes you feel unique to you. In his eyes there is no other person than you, cares for you, respects you, protects you; ultimately loves you freely and voluntarily because he has chosen to do everything for you and not for anyone else. This is clearly a sign that you are with the love of your life.

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The love of your life leaves you speechless

Whether it is the love of your life it is easy when thinking of that special person you run out of words, and you smile involuntarily eyes light up . You may have said “I love you” many times, but never feel that is (or will be) enough. Your love for that person grows each passing day. In turn, the love of your life supports you and encourages even if not yourself find the strength to go on: you look into my eyes, you names one by one all your virtues and says that no matter what happens, always will be there with you.

The love of your life wants you as you are and you know better than anyone

A sign to know if the love of your life lies in the trust, one of the strongest bonds of union of a couple. Trust your partner as anyone, it is the first person to whom you come to tell much a problem as good news, you need to lean on him and know that you can tell her everything. At the same time, you feel that person relies equally on you and tells you it’s good and bad things, so that you both know truth, unvarnished. The love of your life knows everything good about you, but also bad, everything you try to hide from others and, nevertheless, loves you just as you are.

The love of your life makes you feel like you had never before felt

It is the first time you feel like, maybe you’ve fallen in love before or maybe not. What is certain is that when you are with the love of your life, you feel that there is nothing and no one equal, notes that this relationship is different than you had previously and want to never end. Talking to your partner, you can find out how you feel and maybe that will also help you to know what you really feel about this person.

Here are some of the keys to know if the love of your life. But if you have not yet found or you have recently broken heart, do not worry or lose hope. Falling in love is a vital process experienced by the human being parallel to falling out of love. Without the latter he thinks we could go back to marvel again with the first.