Couple: 10 tips to improve a relationship


Especially during a long engagement or marriage, with the passing of time and the habits of mastering it, it may seem that the couple is no longer the same as the beginning, but there are tips to improve a relationship that is based on experience and are able to give new impetus to love before a real crunch occurs.

Any relationship, in fact, needs a constant commitment, attentiveness, gesture, love, and respect for it to be happy and lasting.

Naturally, it is not necessary to get stale, nervous, boring or lite to realize that there is something to improve, as there are always worthy of being analyzed and refined, in a constant work in progress involving both members of couple.

So, let’s look at 10 tips to improve an indispensable relationship in the couple …

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10 Tips To Make a Relationship Last

1) Strengthen the bond of friendship: You can improve a relationship by joining your partner through deeper friendship. To increase it, do things that you like, inform your loved ones, your interests, and listen to each other about your work and stress.

2) Appreciate one another: One of the secrets of a long and satisfying relationship is to continue to appreciate your partner just as it was in the early days. Where to start? For example, from small daily compliments, haircuts, or the ability to solve a complicated situation. As long as they are spontaneous and felt.

3) Focus on the present: Sometimes, in everyday life, you end up getting away and getting closer to planning the future like a weekend out or a vacation. Instead, we must live the present that is made of so many small daily gestures. For example, if the other person has read something in the net and wants to share it with you, take a minute to listen to it.

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4) Sharing successes: If you do not share your success with each other, eventually your partner will think it will be useless, that his counsel and presence will not work.

5) Find common goals: Couples sharing dreams and goals have more lasting and satisfying relationships. Look for something that is in common with you, buying a home, growing a son, a family business or even just organizing a trip, and working with this aspiration.

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6) Be clear about financial issues: Financing issues can create great crises in the couple: It is important to always be clear about assets, investments and expectations, so that they are a field of dialogue but not a clash.

7) Do not distort reality: If often in the early days tends to see everything “pink” without noticing the defects of the other, in the long run, on the contrary, tends to look at the denied aspects. In this case it is important to step back and try to be more objective, perhaps even with the help of four chats with common friends.

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8) Understand the anger: The outbreaks of anger (not of violence!) Can happen in a long relationship: behind there are always primary feelings and emotions such as sadness, frustration, fear of being abandoned. It is important to talk about it to come to the fore.

9) Do not overlook intimacy: Often, two long-term partners tend to look more like two friends, or two brothers, than one couple: it’s important to strive to keep the passion alive, thanks to the game, the desire, the fantasy.

10) Accept the unsurpassed: Some aspects in the couple’s life, such as an attitude, conviction or behavior of the unwanted partner can constantly lead to wrongs and crises. In the case of unsustainable conflicts, it is best to have a reason or try to talk about it but without making this a primary aspect of the relationship.