Digital marketing is always evolving

The incredible growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) seen since 2023 is a prime example of how digital marketing is always evolving. In 2024, this phenomenon will continue evolving and have a significant impact on all aspects of marketing.

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Social Media Trends

Social media is going to have another exciting year! In 2025, platforms of social media will continue to fight for the attention of consumers and they will need to reexamine how success is measured.

The new engagement rate is retention rate

Marketers have noticed a decline in engagement on social media activities. There are many reasons why this is happening – the quality of content, the time of day and device. However, people will likely shift their focus from engagement in 2025 to retention.

People will report much more retention rate than before. Attention is the most valuable commodity in the world, and users have more choices than ever.

Brands have created fantastic social media campaigns to combat this. These campaigns are built around entertaining, informing, and educating audiences. It is important to be playful and creative in order to engage your audience. For help with this and Web Design Gloucester, visit

LinkedIn organic reach dominates

LinkedIn just reached a billion users worldwide. It’s come a long, long way since the days of uploading your CV to find a job.

People are updating their LinkedIn profile, and not just for work-related topics. They also update them with general life skills, advice, guidance, support, mental issues, leadership, tips, and other information. Be sure to include this platform in your strategy.

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AI is now integrated into social platforms

No surprise, social media marketers are using AI to increase productivity. AI Tools such as ChatGPT can help marketers generate campaign concepts and ideas for social posts, as well help with text-to image generation and copy generation.