What should you include in a brand strategy?

When we think of brands, most people will intuitively think of the logo that is associated with that company, but a brand is so much more than just a logo. It incorporates the look of the brand, the colours and the language that is used as well as the tone of voice. It also covers the brand values, mission and vision. In order to ensure that you are communicating these effectively, across your business and to your customers it is important that you have a brand strategy in place. You can achieve this by working with a Brand Strategy Agency. Really Helpful Marketing Brand Strategy Agency, for example, can help you with all aspects of creating your brand strategy and can even help with the implementation of any changes or additions that you need to make.

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When looking at developing your brand strategy there are some key areas that you need to make sure that you include. Here are some of them for you to have a look through.

Brand purpose – why does your business exist? This is a section of the brand strategy where you will look at the pain points or the issues that your business helps to overcome. This could be in relation to products that you create or services that you offer.

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Core values – what does your business stand for? These values have become more and more important over recent years as customers are looking for companies that communicate these values and develop their business around them. These values can be everything from how you work with your suppliers to how you give back to your local community. The values that you have will depend very much on the type of business and the products and services that you offer to your target market.

Brand personality – this is where you really feel into what your brand is like. Essentially if you were to view your brand as a person what kind of person would it be. This can lead to developing a brand character. For some businesses, this character will form a part of their marketing and for others, it will be an exercise completed to help with understanding the business personality.

Brand identity – this is where your business logo, the colours that you have in your branding and the typography, shapes and language that you use come in. It is important that you understand the purpose, values and personality of your business before you start to develop this area. You should ensure that you look into the colours that you choose, especially if you plan on trading internationally, as colours can mean different things, in different countries.