11 jobs you will love if you dream of traveling all the time

Jobs and Careers

Almost all of us love to travel. Planning a vacation, pack a bag and go to a desirable destination. But there are some people for whom traveling is more. A dream, a lifestyle, a daily necessity: to carry a backpack and travel the world. For those who feel identified with the definition and dream of making your life from one place to another, we have selected 11 professions that can come true.

Jobs and Careers
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Travel agent

We start with the most obvious. Although, with the rise of Internet bookings online sites and user rating and price comparison, the profession has faltered a bit, still there are many who seek the advice of a good professional when planning your vacation. And so the travel agent is updated, you must travel the world, visiting hotels, cruises try and learn firsthand destinations.

Cruise worker

A cruise is like a small floating city, so workers often need very different sectors: waiters, cooks, receptionists, doctors, singers … The work is hard in terms of hours, but in return received accommodation and free maintenance and, of course, the possibility of sailing the seas and make some small break in the destination ports on days off.


Perhaps not we had never happened, but the fact is that an archaeologist travels the world in their recovery work and preservation of ancient cultures. It involves much study and some professional positioning, but even during the time students can participate in work camps around the world … doing what we like.

Travel guide

After some time living in a city outside our borders and combined study of history, language and culture of the country, we can become tour guides. It is not just an interesting job and allows be in contact with tourists from around the world, but also all know that true travelers we love to have every detail of a city we love who we want to hear.

Production of concerts or shows

If we combine the love for traveling any other passion, we can make our profession become a great experience. If you like music or theater, we can look for work behind the scenes of big productions and tours that allow travel and we earn our living together. The physical work will be hard, but the functions and free concerts around the world make it worthwhile.

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Pilot or flight attendant

Perhaps one of the most obvious choices, but also the most accessible. In almost every city there are flight schools (both drivers and assistants) and although the financial outlay of the courses is usually high, are races with enough demand in the labor market. And traveling, of course, it is assured.


Work in an embassy or consulate, or several throughout our career, allow us to move through all kinds of countries, across the world. Reaching ambassador is not an easy task, but in diplomatic centers there are different positions available to anyone who forms to fill them: higher university degree, languages and specific opposition . A long road that will have the reward of living in different places on the planet.

Travel Writer

Whether in a periodical or as author travel guides cities or countries, usually it is work freelance, with all the advantages and difficulties involved. But for those who enjoyed the pleasure of writing, to combine their profession with travel around the world it is a luxury available to only a privileged few.


Undoubtedly, the knowledge of languages is a key factor in the possibility of working in different parts of the world. But it is still the best option to convert that knowledge of different languages in the profession itself. Translators for official institutions or companies or workers freelancer who simply work from anywhere on the planet while improving their knowledge of the languages they carry out their work.


You not necessarily have to become a travel photographer to travel around the world with the camera on your shoulder. Any photojournalist covering international news will have the opportunity to earn a living as well as those engaged in artistic photography and are lucky enough to live it, being able to carry out their work anywhere in the world.

Ski instructor / diving and lifeguards

If we unite wanderlust and love for the sport, the perfect profession will ski instructor or diving. It gives the opportunity to engage in this scenario to change according to the seasons, winters alternating the two hemispheres or areas with the most desirable water to teach others to dive. Also professional responders can travel the world in search of an eternal summer.