Titan R, a new vintage electric bicycle with 1 kW of power

vintage electric bicycle

The Titan R joins the new trend of electric bicycles with vintage electric bicycle design to which it adds an electric motor of 1 KW and a battery capable of offering between 45 and 64 kilometers of autonomy and reaches up to 1 kW of power.

The new electric bike Titan R, manufactured and distributed by Tempus Electric Bikes, offers a striking vintage design, reminiscent of the purest café racer style. It has an electric motor that develops 1 kW of power capable of reaching up to 45 km/h of speed and between 45 and 64 kilometers of autonomy thanks to a battery of 676 Wh.

Vintage electric bicycle design with an elongated seat and a false fuel tank of the Titan R

The electric bicycles are becoming a very popular electric vehicle, so that whenever they are available in a range of styles. While conventional categories such as electric road bikes and urban or mountain bikes are the most common, the market is receiving a new wave of vintage electric bicycle inspire design that is also gaining popularity.

This group includes the Titan R which, due to its design, already warns that it is not a conventional bicycle. Its long and flat seat, completed in the front with a fake gas tank, along with a front and rear led lighting system imitating that of the old motorcycles; give it a completely vintage look. The power electronics including the motor controller, the AC-DC converter and the wiring harness are hidden inside the false tank.

vintage electric bicycle

The seat is one of the distinguishing features of the Titan R

The electric motor located in the hub of the rear wheel offers in two different configurations of power: 0.5 kW and 1 kW. In both cases, the maximum speed is 45 km/h thanks to a 30 amp controller and a removable battery of 52 V and 13 Ah, which reaches a total capacity of 676 Wh. The available autonomy, depending on the degree of assistance chosen, is between 45 and 64 kilometers. For recharging, it includes a 4 A charger capable of recovering the total capacity of the battery in four hours. Its power, its maximum speed and the accelerator that it incorporates, mean that it does not comply with the regulations of the pedelec electric bicycles of the European Union.

As for its components, the “aeronautical quality” steel frame is completed with a double crown aluminum suspension fork. The 26-inch series tires are designed for hybrid use, thanks to a tread design that offers sufficient traction on the road and at the same time, provides adequate performance for dirt and gravel roads.

The electric motor mounted on the rear wheel hub can provide 0.5 kW or 1 kW of power

The system of front and rear brakes, both hydraulic, provides sufficient braking power for a bicycle designed for high speed. On the handlebar of the Titan R, a color LCD screen shows the cyclist the information about the bicycle configuration and the travel computer data. It includes speed, distance, battery charge, driving time, assistance level and a speed limitation function. The whole weighs 34 kilograms. The electrical components, such as the battery, the motor and the controller have a one year warranty, while the frame has a five-year warranty.

The sale price is quite contained compared to another vintage electric bicycle of similar design and characteristics since in the United States it can be purchased for $ 2,900 in the 1 kW version and $ 2,500 for the 0.5 kW version.