Project i20, electrical and autonomous car that BMW wants to compete against Tesla

Project i20

The future looks promising for technology in cars, today we are facing a significant share of electric cars aiming to increase year after year; on the other hand are the systems of autonomous driving, where several companies have active developments with a view to having the first commercial products during the next decade.

Here BMW has taken it easy, or at least have decided not to show off their progress as others, as everything has been in tentative dates, images concept and the promise that their autonomous car will arrive in 2021, as claimed ago about months. Today comes to light new information on this project which was known as ‘i NEXT’ and from now changed to ‘i20 Project’, which aims to be launched in 2025.

Project i20
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It starts as an electric car with “autonomous capabilities”

In a new update to the road map BMW, detailed part of the plan that will have the manufacturer for electric cars in the coming years, which updates the i3 and i8 for 2022 include, but more interesting is that it adds the new i20, as it is known internally, which maintains the original release date for 2021 but this first version will not be completely autonomous, but come with a system for driving assistance, yes, a sort of “autopilot” as Tesla.

This i20 come with several power options ranging from 136 hp to 247 hp, it would be more streamlined, larger and more “beautiful” than the i3; while the capabilities of self-driving come completely to the version that would be launched in 2025.

Meanwhile i3 update scheduled for 2022, would come with a new aluminum chassis with carbon fiber structure. While for the i8, which is believed to be delayed until 2023, the most important change would be the abandonment of the hybrid engine to make way for three completely electric motors with a power of 750 hp, and a range of approximately 483 kilometers.

Undoubtedly the most interesting bet is the i20, which arrives to open a new range of products to catch up and thus face their competitors in a market that is complicated, where Tesla has managed to come with some problems, but where the unless it is already present with its autopilot and its range of electric cars.