Wedding Anniversary Gifts for People Who Have Been Married for a Long Time

If you’ve been married for a long time, you might be struggling with what to get your spouse. You’ve likely already gotten them everything you can think of over the years, and you don’t want to take the easy way out by getting the same old diamond necklace or watch. Instead, turn to the old traditional anniversary gifts that people have been relying on for years. They might just give you some new ideas.

40th Anniversary

The traditional gift for this anniversary is rubies. The rubies symbolize the passion and never-ending love and flame of a long-lasting marriage.

For your gift, you might find that getting a ruby necklace, earrings, or even cufflinks could leave your spouse with their breath taken away. If your spouse doesn’t care for jewelry, consider getting a custom engraved vase or wine decanter with their favorite bottle of wine. Including the traditional flowers for this year, gladiolas and nasturtium, definitely couldn’t hurt either. 

50th Anniversary

Being married for 50 years is a huge milestone, and tradition says it is worth its weight in gold. Gold symbolizes strength, perseverance, and lifelong love. 

Because the traditional present for this year is gold, consider getting gold chains Andrews TX for your spouse. You could either get chunky chains that make a big statement or thinner chains with a small jewel or pendant on them. Tradition says that you should stick to yellow roses or violets for this anniversary if you want to include flowers. 

60th Anniversary

If you’ve made it to your 60th anniversary, you deserve to go all out. Tradition says that the diamond represents this anniversary. It stands for strength and unwavering, never-ending love. 

Just as marriages that last this long are rare and special, the traditional flower for this anniversary is an orchid. It is a beautiful gift with a perfect representation of your marriage. If you’re looking to give a gift, choose a diamond watch or a customized ring