Planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things that person does in their life. It is hard performing the balancing act that is choosing the right guest list, venue, music, and food. Because of this, more locations are offering all in one wedding planning services for brides.

These locations help the bride and groom from start to finish on their special day. Of course, you can just use the venue and hire an outside planner if you want, but it is a great idea to use the venue’s team to complete the entire task. You can be involved at whatever level you want.

When you use the same team from start to finish for your wedding, you are ensuring that communication between every phase of the event is effective. The fact that they all work for the same company is the reason for this. Improved communication vastly reduces the amount of errors that can happen. There will be fewer surprises when you use one company for your wedding from start to finish.


The beset aspect of having a wedding this way is that you can even have the actual ceremony and reception in the same place. An all in one venue is an ideal situation if you have a lot of out of town guests. It keeps people out of traffic and prevents anyone from drinking and driving. That is another reason that it greatly reduces the number of complications.

Atlantic City is an ideal location for a wedding ceremony. It is one of the top tourist destinations on the east coast. That means the city is set up to house your guests. The oceanside location also means you have a beach wedding or a reception with a view of the beach. Companies like One Atlantic Weddings have different options for beach weddings. The company has planned hundreds of Atlantic City beach wedding packages. The staff can help any bride make her beach wedding fantasy come true.

When I say they provide everything, I mean everything. Some people are misled and just think they provide the venue and the catering. They have a staff of professional photographers and videographers on hand to help you remember your special day for the rest of your life. The decor in each room is adjusted to the brides chosen theme. If you do have your ceremony at a separate location, they can provide transportation services to your guests like limos and even party buses. Leave no stone unturned and look into using One Atlantic.