Evening wedding: organize it like this!

Evening wedding

A romantic and suggestive atmosphere, the colors given by the sunset and then the glow of the moon. Would you like to organize an evening wedding? In this article, we explain how to do it!

The time of day when you decide to set the ceremony is the basis of the whole wedding and will influence a series of secondary choices related to the reception, such as the location or the dress code to be indicated on the wedding invitations. In particular, the evening is perhaps the most romantic part of the day, the ideal setting to wear a princess wedding dress and an elegant tailcoat while dancing under the stars with your loved ones. If the idea of an evening event is teasing you, below we explain how to organize it!

The location, magic outdoors!

If the season in which you have decided to get married and the weather allow it, an outdoor location for an evening wedding is perfect: the reception will be nothing less than the stars! Despite everything, however, it could be a somewhat risky choice in case of uncertain weather. To get away from any doubt, prepare a plan B that can guarantee you the possibility of setting up the tables in an internal room or in a covered space.

So choose the place that best suits the style of the wedding, the important thing is that there is a garden available or a green expanse that can enhance the potential of the evening with its sunset lights and the darkness of the night on which to stand out play of lights.

The timetable, the importance of calculating times

To establish the times, it is necessary to take into account the distance between the place of the ceremony and the place where the banquet will take place, as well as, obviously, the availability of the church or of the municipality and of the one who will celebrate the wedding. In principle, for an evening wedding, fixing the celebration at 16.00 will give you plenty of time to move around and give your guests the opportunity to calmly reach the location. In addition, in this time slot, between 17 and 18.30, you can count on the best light for the photo shoot!

The spaces, the delimitation of the areas

If the idea is that of an aperitif and any appetizer buffet, take care to set up a special area, perhaps positioned before the space dedicated to the tables, so that the guests naturally sit in their seats after consulting the table of marriage. A large garden also allows you to set up a relaxation area, always very chic, with tables, poufs and alternative seats where your guests can relax enjoying the surrounding nature and the lights of the night. To entertain them you might think to equip this area with a small open bar and dedicate a space to the dance floor.

Use gazebos to delimit the spaces, the important thing is that they have light structures that do not obscure the beauty of the surrounding environment and that act as a base on which to place the floral decorations.

Play of light for a perfect light design

An evening wedding offers numerous possibilities to create light effects that can create a romantic and welcoming atmosphere. In the case of an outdoor reception, the lighting must blend in with the natural lights of the stars and moon. The presence of trees offers the possibility of positioning threads of light to be run from one plant to another or to be twisted around the branches. Define the spaces with lanterns and trace paths with candles or luminous spheres, according to the style of the reception. Make the floral decorations stand out with points of light and, if you have a swimming pool, the luminous effects on the water could be a real gem.

Outdoor shows

With the arrival of the dark, you could surprise your guests with fireworks or with Chinese lanterns that, perhaps, will inspire the most beautiful love phrases for the couples present in a moment of intimate and happy recollection. The light of the lanterns, however, will stand out on the dark sky and leave an indelible memory in the minds of all present.

The dress code of the guests

If you wish to suggest to your guests the welcome dress code, indicate it in the invitations and know that for an evening wedding, the ideal men’s formal dress is a tuxedo, while for women you can play between a long or knee-length set, if more informal .

In any case, the perfect look depends on the style of the reception and the mood you intend to create: in the case of a wedding in the countryside in a location that is not too austere, a more informal choice is recommended as short formal dresses for girls and, why not , jeans and shirt for men.

Dancing under the stars

An evening wedding offers the opportunity to let the guests go wild to the rhythm of the DJ’s music. An option that is always very appreciated but which must be agreed with the owners of the location with whom you will have to set a time to finish the dance and leave room for the night quiet again!

The wedding in the evening is, in general, a very poetic option that will inspire many romantic phrases but that, at the same time, will allow you to have fun with your guests. If you are looking for the place where you will celebrate your big day, in our Reception section you will find many proposals divided by region and province!

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