Toyota GR Supra by Papadakis Racing is a drift beast with 1,048 hp to dance on the asphalt

Toyota GR Supra by Papadakis

Since its launch, the reborn Toyota GR Supra has become a drift beast on several occasions, an example prepared by HKS or modified by Daigo Saito. And now they are joined by this GR Supra designed at the headquarters of Papadakis Racing, a Californian team specialized in this category.

Papadakis Racing has unveiled the specifications of what is its latest offspring and with which its drivers hope to burn a lot of wheel. On the menu, we find aesthetic touches, but especially at a mechanical level, highlighting that they have stretched the power of the Japanese sports car beyond 1,000 hp.

With saddles like this GR Supra according to Papadakis Racing, the wait for the possible and rumored variant with the last name GRMN, which could see the light of 2020, becomes more enjoyable .

Fully prepared for the noble art of skidding

Starting with what enters through the eyes, Papadakis Racing’s GR Supra wears striking yellow vinyl with the logo of the team’s sponsor, Rockstar Energy Drink, sporting all four sides.

However, the American team has also modified the bodywork, which is widened in the wheel arches, in order to facilitate drift maneuvers, has added a roll cage and added a more voluminous spoiler at the rear. Also the 18-inch wheels are specific, signed by Motegi Racing, as well as the Tilton 600 Series sports pedal.

The highlight, however, is led by the GR Supra 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder B58 that, after passing through the hands of the Carson and including a larger turbo in the equation, and we understand, reprogramming it electronically, it increases its delivery from 340 CV to a stratospheric 1,048 CV of delivery. So does the maximum torque, which goes from 500 Nm to 1,231 Nm.

And, of course, it is accompanied by a series of technical knick-knacks to make it a true drift ace: Papadakis Racing adds new anti-roll bars, an RS-R adjustable air suspension, RS-R Racing springs and a Gforce GSR competition change from four gears, which replaces the ZF automatic transmission as standard.

It should be noted that this Toyota GR Supra Papadakis Racing is still in development and that the photos that we see on the website of the American team are actually great renders commissioned by designer Jonsibal . Thus, it is expected that it incorporate other modifications not yet specified, such as a new brake system or an adjusted direction for that of the noble art of skidding.

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