How to make better decisions and faster

The overload of decision-making is a very common experience among area managers and managers in general.

However, you can process the different options in a way more efficient and achieve better results by using something as simple as a checklist.

how-to-make-better-decisions-and-fasterChecklist to make better decisions

  • Aim five targets affected by your decision

With this you avoid the trap of rationalizing invent reasons for your choices later.

  • Identifies three realistic alternatives

Feasible to the decision that you consider as better and more successful options.

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  • Information you missing

In order to ensure that our decision is correct should know if we have all the information necessary to carry out the decision-making process.

  • Contrast your decision with your team

Try to get the support of at least two team members affected by your decision. Hearing different perspectives bias, however, opposed the larger groups have diminishing returns is reduced.

Finally, write down what you have decided and why and to what extent the team supports the decision. This increases the commitment and helps measure results. Not forgetting, establish a monitoring program in a month or two to make the necessary corrections.

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