Do your peers earn more than you?

As a rule in business is saved the confidentiality regarding the remuneration of employees and collaborators.

However, sometimes the system fails or simply talks between companions the issue arises and rewards are known about and others.

If this is the case you get to know the rest of emoluments and discover that your colleagues are higher than yours, then, remunerations how would you act?

do-your-peers-earn-more-than-youDiscounting the first interference pulse is to go directly to the office of your boss to claim equal pay, it should be cautious and try to consider the situation from the perspective of your boss.

Perhaps your peers have more senior, more experienced, or better grades in periodic assessments that the company performs.

Think about your own performance and the contributions you make, and investigates the salary range for the position equivalent to yours.

If, indeed, you discriminate your salary should treat it with the responsible and ask you a wage equalization, corresponding to other colleagues, or an incentive plan to help eliminate the wage gap.

If the arguments they bring us to not consider your claim, not convincing, it may be desirable to consider a new job.

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