The hype as a marketing strategy for SMEs

The term hype, in the area of marketing, is a smart strategy to emphasize one thing , idea or product to users / customers feel the need to consume.

What company will come to mind? Hawkers and glasses without going any further. And the queen, of course, Apple. What is needed to make a product stand out from the rest? Convert the consumer in the best marketing tool. And prescribes thanks to the “law of contagion” equip themselves with an added value to the product.

the-hype-as-a-marketing-strategy-for-smesExpectation, the key

The phenomenon of queues at an event reminds us of performances by bands or singers in which faithful followers, do not hesitate to spend hours regardless of the weather, lack of sleep or any other deterrent. The important thing is to get the reward.

Substitute group / singer product.

And then generate the maximum noise in social networks. Of all possible ways:

  • Creating flash contests: throughout the day we will overcome these glasses, makeup, and so on . Generates inviting participation that RT made in the contest, mentions of friends.
  • A famous as prescribers. In the case of the known glasses Hawkers, the first character was known that carried the pilot Jorge Lorenzo, who was a partner at the beginning of the company for a while. Media change, the media too, but there are certain techniques that work. A famous as Prescriber is a guarantee.
  • Assign the product to a blogger known. If we are short of product because the adventure has just begun, do as in the case of Pompeii. Let’s turn a weakness into an opportunity. If you do not hurry, you’ll run out of them are limited edition sneakers. A fashion expert and blogger with many followers will be the prescribers indicated.

Hype is a combination of: noise in social networks, prescribers that connect with our audience, expectation, competitions …

Hype is a term that comes from hyperbole, exaggeration and that is creating a huge campaign that encourages consumers to want that product. But beware, to exaggerate more than necessary.

Product quality or service must be excellent, promising what is said is a maximum as the consumer, that some define as the person responsible for marketing, can turn against us.