Effective customer care begins at the end

Many companies boast of having the best customer service. Either through social networks, or through social networks, our problems are attended by people with a pleasant and operative profile.

The point is that during the purchase process, although it is important to retain the customer at every step, if the end did not get what you wanted, is useless to a court of kindness that does not give the fruit a service that meets the buyer.

effective-customer-care-begins-at-the-endThe flexibility in delivery and receive our order in a short time are two key issues for the new Internet user.

If these two conditions are not met, businesses (large or small) know that a dissatisfied customer is in the offing . It is pointless for the management of purchasing a product can be performed in a short time.

If the final result is not: delivery of the product in a quick way, or the ability to query how the process of shipping, or change of service (telephone, etc.) is agile, it is useless give ear to the customer.

What impression can be in a new customer if the service channel does not care for you?If you can not make a change in the order? It’s like opening the door and invite to spend an idyllic house, we plan to acquire, not to leave or you feel and open another to not let you in.

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Is there then will this new user to stay in the company? The problem is that today it is easy to spread everywhere our tantrum / complaint, or give us low in any company since competition is wide.

The humorist Leo Harlem was a fun radio reflection on this new consumer who can do almost everything from home: “Come, selling pajamas for everyone …” and the rest, applauded that option as an alternative to spend time commuting.

Companies should not forget that his client hired them “pajamas” and want the buying process is equally comfortable until the end.

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