Car Wash Business:How to start a car wash business

car wash business

Everything you need to know to start a car wash business. You will learn the three types of washes: home service, automatic and self-service.

Is a car wash business profitable?

The number of automobiles has increased considerably in recent decades. Each family has one, two and even three vehicles. But…

Do you have time or energy to wash your own car?

car wash businessIn most cases the answer is no. They are usually people who are busy with their work and domestic chores; so they prefer to pay for this service. Therefore, we can deduce that there is enough clientele, which is growing and has purchasing power to pay for the hygiene of your car. So a car wash if it’s profitable. Continue reading: The Audi A6 2018 comes loaded with technology


The lot for the car wash:

You need at least 300 square meters. As you can deduce, this is the biggest investment you have to make, the root property has a high cost. If you do not own a property of this size you must rent it and pay monthly.

The location of the car wash:

It must be on an avenue with a lot of traffic. A good idea is to reach an agreement with a large shopping center to give you a space to set up your laundry business.

Permits for operation:

This type of business requires special permits related to the care of the environment. One is related to water saving; that is, you must certify that you take measures to reduce the waste of water.

Another is related to the certification that the detergents you use do not contaminate the environment to any great degree. You must certify that the waste does not end up in the vicinity of natural water such as rivers or green areas. Read Continue Spanish Car Brands

The machinery and implements for a car wash:

 In a traditional car wash business, where there are workers cleaning the car, the following tools are needed:

  • Traditional hoses
  • Pressure hoses or pressure washers.
  • Elevator: used to lift the car and wash the chassis.
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Cleaning products, silicone waxes
  • Air compressor.

Services that are provided in a car wash:

car wash businessYou can provide the outside wash and also the interior cleaning, for the latter the vacuum plays an important role. Other services that you can borrow are:

  • Painting care
  • Oiled engine and suspension.
  • There are even those who like to embed the tires.

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Hire employees :

You must hire a number of cleaners according to the average number of vehicles you estimate will visit your business per day. I advise you to agree that the payment depends on the number of cars washed by the employee.

Advertising for car wash:

 Initially, when you first start your car wash business, few people will know about it and its quality of service, for this reason you should invest in advertising. This can be through flyers and supported with a web page where you detail, prices, services and initially you should include discounts at happy hours. On the website, you should talk about the quality of the service and the care of the environment as preponderant missions in your business.

How many cars do you need per day?

According to the opinion of owners of car washes, this business starts to be profitable from 30 cars per day. This is the minimum number you should focus on.

How long does it take to wash a car?

Another important fact is that the washing of a car should last between 30 and 45 minutes; It is an indicative time, but the most important thing is the quality of the service.

Best season for a car wash:

In short, the days when a car wash is most filled is at the end of the holiday seasons, people return from the farms with cars full of mud and require a good cleaning. A good month is December, customers want their goods like the car to be as new at Christmas and New Year.

car wash businessThe previous paragraphs contain information on how to start a traditional car wash business; that is, a business where the customer takes the car and there are employees who are responsible for washing it. This is a good business, but I suggest you also consider the following variants that are neither better nor worse, just different ways to invest in this car wash sector. Let’s see them

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