This is the first fully electric Jaguar an SUV called I-PACE


Jaguar is a brand that quickly relate to the British Isles, a creator of cars that blends luxury with sportiness like few others, but that has adapted to new market needs in recent years. If you needed an SUV, because there it was, and if it touches are cars with batteries, they have to prepare one with a great pint.

It is called Jaguar I-PACE and curiously has been presented across the pond in the Hall of Los Angeles. The reason seems clear, the center of automotive electrification is there, and it seems the best showcase to show your intentions.

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Shown as a concept, it will be a reality sometime in 2018. And is that everything we see in the project has to do with a fairly finished product, premiering a platform unheard of in a brand like Jaguar, accustomed to share weights and leave room for engines with many cylinders.

Before going into details we can determine that this Jaguar is finishing shape is ideal for the competitor electric SUV par excellence, the Model X Tesla. By electrical technology and dimensions (the Jaguar will be something smaller), both cars are very even, we understand that Jaguar will know how to put a plus in design and finishes.

Batteries made in LG to make 500km

In this electric cars must look for a good partner to supply large batteries and intelligent, and Jaguar has partnered with LG Chem. Koreans serve a unit of 90kWh, water cooled, capable of 500 kilometers in NEDC cycle, which place it at the level of the best on the market Tesla.

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Fast charging is also a priority in Jaguar and therefore has chosen a system of 50KW capable of filling the car in a couple of hours. About Tesla’s charging network, they say it’s better to partner with the rest of the industry and find solutions that benefit everyone.

As engines, there are two, one for each axis to form an AWD seems ideal for this type of electric vehicles very heavy. Each one develops 197CV, and in their joint use they add 395CV. One of its strengths will be the benefits thanks to a very low aerodynamic coefficient – 0.29 – for an SUV.

In the images, you can see that the batteries occupy the entire floor of the vehicle, leaving a freedom of design that in Jaguar had never been found. By this we see that the SUV clearly balances sportiness and space, with most components developed in house, from scratch, taking only stolen items to cars like the successful F-PACE: it are the suspensions.

Another example is that all manufacturers need to switch to electric propulsion, and a very important chapter in the history of a legendary company like Jaguar. Ian Callum, director of the project, says that this is the most important car since the launch of the E-Type.