The Decalogue freelance


It self-employed, is the beginning, it is not easy, unless, of course on starting a portfolio of own customers, in which case, the story changes diametrically.

Except these particular cases, which usually correspond to professionals working for others and strengthen relationships with customers enabling them to become, at one time, establish their own, most, starting from scratch.

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Decalogue essential Autonomy

  • Networking

If you have client that I did, if not, it’s time to make yourself known and get clients or recommend you.

  • Identity

you present at a meeting or an event without your cards by very outdated that we believe are never attempts that are well made and they are original, to draw attention to production positive impact equestriennes new relationships.

  • Formality

Obviously, you have to be cordial in formality but above all, we must be rigorous in carrying out the projects, meeting deadlines and requirements, otherwise your reputation will suffer.

  • Availability

Within the timetables established must be available and if not, contact immediately. What is not recommended is to work in a 24/7 regime without time limit.

  • Information

As a rule we do not like to ask if we transmit an image of awkward. However, it errs on the side of caution and asks and asks detailed information to avoid misunderstandings that delayed the project unnecessarily. We must have the ability to ask to allow your client to explain clearly OTDA.

  • No reservations

For a good professional, not worth to do the jobs of a valid but simply, you should always give the best of yourself as if that was the final project.

  • Restrict changes

When we have not been able to get all the information of our customers we risk that as the project progresses that is reaching a dead by the myriad changes pathway. Best to tackle this situation is to budget the new changes including time already used and the new work to be invested.

  • Pro-activity

Your customer pays but the expert you are, you should make the project more attractive to your customers and enrich it with your expertise, you run the risk that reject but will show interest and initiative.

  • Rates

You must know first of all what you charge by the hour and the budget, must contemplate a margin of error in the execution of the project hours around 20%.

  • Performance

Once the project is completed must present the final result and we should not neglect it at all since you’re projecting the image of yourself and your work.

These points should be present during our professional life as a freelance and as soon as the neglect, our reputation will suffer. For more tips visit