These are the jobs that will be most demanded in the future

future jobs

A Linkedin study offers a list of the most developed works in recent years. Those related to machine learning and data science are among the jobs that grew the most and are the most valued.

There are already many voices that speak of the fact that in the future many of the works that we now know will be made by machines and robots. But although the technological revolution is carrying out a more routine and physical automation of work that is undeniable, this is also leading to new needs that did not exist before.

Technological advances and new needs make that in the face of the jobs that are lost at the hands of the machines other new jobs that do not exist to date are generated. Labor markets are in constant evolution, with the aim of absorbing the demands imposed by the new times.

Over the years, the types of work and skills and competencies change. Few are the professions that remain without variation and enough that are created. In line with this the employment portal LinkedIn has drawn up a list of the jobs that have grown the most in recent years.

Based on the profiles of 143 million workers in the United States that are available, the social network monitored the types of jobs that have experienced significant increases and the number of people who have them in the last five years.

Although the analysis is focused on North American workers and companies, it can serve as an example to get an idea of ​​the trajectory that the labor sector is following. The position of greatest growth and best position is held by machine learning engineer (machine learning engineer), which grew by 980% in these five years.

future jobs
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Machine learning

Automatic learning, or machine learning, will be the technology that accompanies us in the future and that is currently already allowing our way of working, living and even evolving as human beings to change. According to the Gartner research and consulting company, machine learning technologies will be present in “almost all new software products” by 2020.

So it is not surprising that the jobs related to machine learning is growing and developing exponentially. And although all the areas related to this new job spectrum are a bet for the future, not all are growing the same. The most demanded roles within this sector, according to the growth developed in the last five years are: software engineers, research assistants, teaching assistants, data scientists and systems engineer.

Regarding the set of skills that the machine learning engineers had in their platform, the most demanded were: machine learning knowledge, research skills, knowledge of algorithms, software and  deep learning.

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Data science

The second place occupied according to the study is for data scientists. And no wonder. The Big Data fever means that any specialist in handling and reading large databases will become the cornerstone of any company on the Internet.

Every day 2.5 trillion bytes of information data from different sources are generated, but no matter how easy it is to generate them when we talk about how to process this data, things get a little more complicated. It is here when the data scientist enters the scene, halfway between statistician and programmer.

Today this new role is assumed through specialists in the field of mathematics, computer science and statistics as it is a profession too current that has not yet generated its own studies in universities. The necessary skills for data science according to LinkedIn were knowledge in machine learning, analysis and extraction of data and the Python programming language.

Sales development

In the third position of the jobs that have seen the largest increase in LinkedIn professionals, is the sales development representative, having grown 570% in the last five years in the United States

Actually many companies have experienced a massive growth of income when separating sales departments into specific roles. One of them is the Sales Development Representative (SDR), focused on tasks of identification and qualification of potential clients. The general list of ideal customers, so that another role of the sales department is responsible for closing that possible agreement.

Among the most demanded skills of the sales development representative  are: experience in the sales department of a company, commercial development, account planning and Startup.