Mulberry jam: the quick and easy homemade jam recipe

Mulberry jam

The jam mulberry trees is a real treat for the palate, ideal if you are looking for a delicious jam spread on bread for breakfast, or as a filling for pies, cookies, and cakes of all kinds. Very similar to wild blackberry jam, the mulberry jam has an intense and very sweet flavor and an unmistakable dark color.

Naturally, it is necessary to distinguish between black mulberries and white mulberries, both fruits of the mulberry plant that grows in very hot environments, such as Southern Italy. Native to China, mulberry is used for the production of silkworms and is known for its many beneficial properties.

In fact, these sweet and juicy fruits are rich in iron and vitamins and perform an antibacterial function for our body. Healthy and nutritious, mulberry jam is ideal for young and old. Today we present this classic grandma’s recipe to prepare homemade jam quickly and easily.

An excellent remedy if you have a good dose of these precious fruits that are generally not available and do not know how to store mulberry blackberries. The jam closed in sterile jars, will in fact be kept for long months until winter. You just need fruit, sugar, and lemon. So here’s how to prepare mulberry jam.


  • Ripe quince 1 Kg
  • Granulated sugar 300 gr
  • Lemon 1

How to prepare mulberry jam

Mulberry jam

  • Wash the mulberries under cold running water, remove the stalk, and dry them carefully.
  • Pour them all into a high-sided pan, add the granulated sugar and turn on the heat over medium-low heat. Stir as the sugar dissolves and the fruit puree is formed. After about 20 – 30 minutes of cooking, blend the jam with a blender.
  • You can blend it all, or only in part if you want to obtain a jam with pieces of fruit. Continue to cook for at least another 30 minutes and add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Check the cooking of the jam by pouring a teaspoon on an inclined plate. If it stays compact, it has reached the right consistency. Filter the jam through a sieve or a medium-mesh colander, to retain the seeds of the mulberries. Pour the still boiling jam into sterilized glass jars, close tightly by tightening the lid, and leave them upside down for about ten minutes.
  • When they have cooled down completely, you can turn the jars and wait for the click given by the vacuum.


Many recipes recommend adding a sachet of Fruttapec, a thickener that is easily found in the supermarket, to the jam while cooking. In reality, it is not said that you need it, because the lemon takes care of thickening the mixture. We, therefore, advise you to prepare a completely natural jam, with no additional ingredients other than sugar and fruit.

For a thickening action, you can also grate a little lemon zest, or add a few slices of apple to the jam while cooking.

Don’t overdo the sugar, considering that mulberries are already sweet in themselves. Of course, the doses vary according to your tastes, but we advise you to start with a smaller dose and taste the jam while cooking.


Store the mulberry jam in a cool and dry place, possibly in the dark, such as on the shelf of a pantry.

If your jars are still vacuum sealed, the jam will keep for several months. If you have opened the jar, keep it in the fridge and enjoy it within a couple of weeks.