How to make your feet looks a small feet? 5 simple tricks!

small feet

Don’t worry if mother nature gave you long feet. Number 41 or 42 is not a curse, but more meat to love! However, there are ways to optically make your feet smaller. How to quickly get fewer foot sizes Just apply these five simple tips!

One of the tricks I propose is to wear dark-colored shoes. It is well known that black slims and… shortens!

How to shrink your feet by wearing the right shoes?

While size doesn’t matter, sometimes it’s worth fooling nature by using simple tricks. Hollywood stars with big feet, including Paris Hilton, Uma Thurman, and Gwyneth Paltrow, also prove it. Just as there are remedies to slim the body or to slim the legs, in the same way, you can optically make your feet smaller.

Trick 1. Success is in the heels!small feet

There is nothing better than heels to correct the proportions of our body. The foot – when held tilted! – has a different appearance from the extended foot. With the naked eye, it is difficult to determine its length, width, and fit. Even a low heel or a wedge of a few centimeters can give a satisfying effect. If you are not convinced, take a test with friends. Ask someone for their opinion on your number when you’re wearing ballet flats, and someone else while you’re wearing pumps.

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Trick 2. The toe of the shoe has enormous power

It is not difficult to understand that pointy shoes lengthen the foot, and those with rounded toes shorten them. You can easily amplify this effect by choosing nude models with a distinctly distinct dark tip. Note, we owe this type of decollete to the master of fashion, Coco Chanel.

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Trick 3. Shorten the feet using the decorations

As the stylists suggest, you can easily make your feet look smaller by choosing shoes with large decorations on the front. Opt for decollete with a very girly bow or for pumps with a particular buckle, and in an instant, you will go from size 41 to 38! Also, if you like prints, you can focus on models with transversal prints, eg. with black-white stripes.

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Trick 4. Cover something and discover another

To make your feet appear optically smaller, wear shoes with the front uncovered and the back covered or vice versa – the front covered and the back uncovered. To face this challenge, invite slingback pumps or open toe ankle boots into your wardrobe.

If you want to achieve the desired effect, avoid shoes that bare the entire foot. Flip-flops or sandals with thin straps hide nothing, indeed they show too much …

Tip 5. Make your feet smaller through colorsmall feet

As we all know, colors have magical power. They manage to mask the extra pounds and shrink the feet by a few centimeters. And I’m not just referring to classic black, but also dark blue, burgundy, and bottle green. Shoes in these colors will take off at least two sizes!

Use these super simple tricks to optically make your feet smaller. But … never forget that you are still beautiful. As you are!