Classic men’s accessories that will never go out of style

Regardless of fashion trends that are in vogue right now or the personal style of every man, there are a few classic accessories that every gentleman should own in order to dress up well. But who said that classic means boring? Despite their timeless, maybe even vintage design, they might be easily incorporated into modern looks, so let’s take a look at some classic men’s accessories that you have to have in your wardrobe.

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Sunglasses play an important role in a man’s closet not only because they top off an outfit but also thanks to their many health benefits that they have. These accessories were invented in the 18th century by an English designer who believed that the greed and blue tint in the shades can make people see better. Today, sunglasses are a both flattering and practical accessory and they are often an essential part of a man’s outfit both in real life and in movies, for example the iconic Ray Bans from the Reservoir Dogs or the famous Aviators worn by Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun. In case you’re looking for a pair that will fit your face shape and will go well with any of the looks you put together, Aviators and Wayfarer glasses should be your go-to choice. Moreover, sunglasses with a high UV protection factor can protect your vision and prevent your eye area from developing premature wrinkles, which makes them well worth the investment.


For a long time, watches were handcrafted and expensive, as they were one of the few pieces of jewelry a man could wear. Today, with the rise of technology, these accessories became way more accessible which sadly also resulted in a mass manufacturing and loss of their uniqueness. If you’re tired of seeing Apple watches and fitness bracelets everywhere and you’d like to wear something that will make you stand out from the crowd, a pocket watch is exactly what you’re looking for. Celtic watches, for example, are a wonderful combination of the high-quality pewter and traditional design, as they feature swirls, knots, and engraved motifs that add to their individualism. By getting yourself a Celtic watch with a distinctive design, you will get a literally timeless accessory that will make your looks more eye-catching.


Believe it or not, perfume is actually considered an accessory and we can all agree that it is a crucial one especially when it comes to formal outfits. Very often it is exactly the perfume that makes women turn their heads after a man on the street or notice someone in a big and crowded bar. Many fashion influencers recommend having a signature scent, aka a perfume that will make your friends immediately recognize you even before seeing you. However, playing around with perfumes and having a scent for every occasion or mood is much more creative and fun, so there is no need to limit yourself to a single bottle. Some common notes for men’s perfumes include mint, bergamot, cedarwood, sage, as well as other interesting scents like musk, oud, and patchouli.