Why so Many People are Struggling with Mental Illness

Something that is becoming something of an epidemic, not just in the UK but in many places all over the world, is mental illness. Although it may seem that we are talking more openly about mental health, more still needs to be done to address what is becoming a crisis in many places, with health services not able and ill-equipped to cope with the mental illness demands that are being placed on it.

One of the people who has been talking openly about not only his own mental health, but also the importance of the right care and support for those who have mental illness, is Alastair Campbell, who is also the editor of the New European https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/contributor/alastair-campbell/

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He recognises the need to make sure that people have access to the support that they need, and is also patron of the Maytree charity, which supports people who are feeling suicidal and are in desperate need of support.

Unfortunately, many of the reasons for the rapid decline in the mental health of so many people is due to the turmoil of the last few years – the Covid-19 pandemic caused many people to become worried about their health and that of their family and friends, as well as turning life upside down in many ways.

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Financial turbulence has also caused many people to become worried about being able to provide for themselves and their family, which has also had an impact on the mental health of many.