4 Essential Office Management Skills

You started out answering phones and then moved into the back office, filing papers and tending to daily tasks. But, is there more in store for you? Were you born to be a leader? Are you tired of seeing problems and not being able to fix them? If so, you may be a strong candidate for an office management position. The following are four skills you need to succeed in the job.

1. Stay Ahead of Problems

Forethought is underrated. A good manager not only reacts but gets ahead of issues. Anticipate possible concerns and work to prevent hiccups from happening. Is a difficult customer going to come in today? How might you keep this person comfortable and happy? Are you constantly running low on high speed ceramic bearings? When do you need to order more to always stay in stock? Think about the future and not just the present.

2. Remain Calm Even When It’s Getting Crazy

The office manager sets the tone for the rest of the staff. If the boss is stressed and cranky, the employees are likely to be too. It’s vital to stay level-headed even in dire times. Remain realistic and optimistic, and strive to speak to others in a warm, commanding voice.

3. Multitask Well

A lot is going on at once in an office setting. There are going to be things pulling you back and forth. Be prepared to multitask, tackling different obstacles.

4. Maintain Order and Routine

Be clear about procedures and rules. Keep employees up-to-date on policies, and create schedules, so time isn’t wasted. Hold people accountable for their actions, and ensure that they are listening and following the guidelines.

An office manager takes the lead, showing others how to act and behave. Be prepared to manage people and their problems, and it’s crucial to do all of this with professionalism.