10 ways to quickly relieve eye fatigue

eye fatigue

It’s no secret that many people have a noticeable impairment of vision quality by the age of 40. That is, the deterioration, which they themselves notice.

After all, it is not known to most of us that this process begins not in 40 years, but much earlier. When we sit for hours on the computer and the TV screen, excessively loading our eyesight. And the more intense the load, the more reckless our way of life, the earlier we get the alarm signals that begin with the elementary fatigue of the eyes.

What is our surprise and annoyance when we find out that we need to wear glasses?

eye fatigue
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Recharge your eyes with a new power

  • Wash off with cool water and do not wipe.
  • Translate look on as far located object 5-7 seconds.
  • It is often superficial to breathe until the appearance of “stars” in the eyes.
  • Quickly and intensively, clap your hands.
  • As much as possible bite the tip of your own tongue, only carefully – do not bite off.
  • Tap your upper teeth on the bottom 5-7 seconds.
  • Rub the tip of your nose 2-3 seconds.
  • Shred before the intense redness between the eyebrows.
  • Sniff every nostril for 10 seconds from the bottle of mint oil.

“Eye” points

You can also remove eye fatigue by doing one simple trick

  • Bend your thumb.
  • In the area of phalangeal articulation, find a reliable skin fold, the closest one to the nail plate.
  • Retreat to the right and left 5 mm from the middle of the fold and 2 mm to the nail plate. There are two points on which you need to work.
  • Mark these places with a pen or felt-tip pen.
  • If you did everything right, the phalanx of your finger will resemble a human face with two eyes and a wide-open mouth (the mouth is a nail plate).

And at the moment when you begin to feel the discomfort of the eyes (fatigue, dryness, burning, sensation of sand in your eyes, involuntarily rub your eyelids and press on the eyeballs, the first signs of defocusing are blurry lines), you just need to do simple movements …

  • Take in the other hand a blunt toothpick and with a blunt end of it, apply pressure of medium intensity first to one point, then to the other.

Such pressure should be 30 for each point. The pressure is 60 times per minute.

All of the above methods will help quickly, but not for long. The fact is that until you figure out the nature of your own food, its rhythm and most importantly – with its expediency, then from the dead point the matter will not move.

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The most necessary foods for good eyesight

eye fatigue
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White cabbage

A reliable source of natural pectin, substances that reliably cleans the large intestine. Back in antiquity, it was said that “the pure intestine makes the eye and the heart clean.” And if you expect a heavy “brain storm” in the morning, make a salad the night before …

  • In equal parts, combine the raw slightly rubbed cabbage, boiled carrots, boiled rice and 2 tbsp. l. soy sauce.
  • Eat this by washing down with cherry jelly.

Dried apricots

This dried fruit is rich in iron and vitamin C. It is these substances that reliably protect the vessels of your eyes not only from increased solar activity, but also flicker of your computer.

  • It is recommended to eat 3-4 dried apricots per day. It is better to do it at 1 pm.


Now this fish, rich in selenium, is available to everyone. This product has a beneficial effect on the general mood of a person. A good disposition of the mind makes the mind sharp, and the eyes open.

Bitter chocolate

The high concentration of cocoa beans normalizes the quality of the conductive vision system. It is believed that it is bitter chocolate that allows you to achieve good contrast vision and for a long time detains visual images in memory.

Whole wheat bread

Most of the vitamins, especially the vitamins of group B, contained in the shell and the outer layers of grains, is a reliable choleric product. And the quality of bile and its isolation are the basis of stable color vision.


Black, white, red, green – all these teas contain a large number of catechins. These are chemicals that are tens of times higher than caffeine activity. It is the catechins that are the main substances that support the transparency of the lens.


Oats are traditionally considered one of the most useful cereals. It stimulates blood circulation in general and blood circulation of eyeballs in particular.

Pumpkin seeds

They contain a full range of useful fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, as well as vitamins A, E and zinc. All these substances are extremely necessary for a high-grade process of metabolism and, first of all, the excretion of lactic acid.


Beta-carotene, located in carrots, slows down the aging process of the protein shell of the eyeball and the muscles that control the pupil, which is the “optical sight” of the human eye.

Crayfish and crabs

Its considered to be the main source of vitamin B12 and zinc. It is this “sweet couple” that facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses, is responsible for the speed of visual reactions, lateral vision and visual memory.

Sea kale

This unpretentious alga is the champion in iodine content. The lack of this element loosens the nervous system, leads to the development of insomnia, psychoemotional disruption, and prolonged depression and memory disorders. By the way, the Canadian neurophysiologists in 1996 proved the connection between the lack of iodine in the body, the focus of vision disorder and … male infertility.