Back pain: origins and some tips to relieve it

Back pain

Back pain, also called low back pain, can affect everyone in the lower back. It can result in lumbago, a turn of the kidney and can extend all along the spine, from the neck to the buttocks. The causes are multiple in the case of back pain: false movement, stress, fatigue (…). In order to deal with this evil that can be disabling. Here are some tips for you to relieve yourself permanently.

The origins of back pain

Back painIn the majority of people prone to back pain, the origin is mechanical, that is to say, that it is caused by a bad posture or a false movement. And other people, the problem may be inflammatory. In all cases, a visit to your doctor is necessary to establish a precise diagnosis and to be given appropriate treatment.

To relieve back pain, it is important to know the origins to facilitate the care that we will bring. It can be caused by muscle contractures, dysfunction between two vertebrae, displacement of a cerebral disc that alters all spinal sensitivity, osteoarthritis, trauma, or in the most severe cases it may be a tumor or a chronic condition.

Back pain can also be felt after a wrong movement, during intense physical activity. And in this case, the pain appears suddenly and spontaneously. This is the birth of what is called lumbago: the good news is that the pain disappears relatively quickly after a few days. The bad news is that the pain is very intense and can be disabling.

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What are the risk factors?

back painTo relieve back pain, prevention is better than cure. Some factors are more conducive to the onset of back pain: overweight, lack of physical activity and sports, tobacco, high-heeled shoes, intense stress, bad postures (work, car, sleep), osteoarthritis, pregnancy.

Learn how to work your back muscles, to sit properly, to adopt a good posture in front of your computer, bend your knees to bend down, etc… These simple precautions will help you strengthen your back while limiting the risk of lumbago.

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How to relieve back pain?

Back painHow to treat it? There are many ways to relieve back pain: medication, prevention, massage, homeopathy, medical devices such as orthotics… Each patient and each lombargie must be treated in a particular and adapted way.

At first, it is not advisable to remain bedridden as far as possible. The muscles must continue to be solicited. If they are at rest, they will cool down and the pain will become more and more intense, even unbearable. To help with pain, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs or paracetamol every 4 hours, depending on the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Hot patches are also effective and easy to use. Just stick it where the pain is the strongest: it will release molecules that will gradually relieve the pain. You can find them in pharmacies without a prescription. There are also gels and topical ointments that are just as effective. Finally, wearing a lumbar support belt can really help relieve back pain and help you get a good posture.

Thus, the symptoms are not to be taken lightly since they can lead to a temporary inability to move, to stand up. On more serious forms, they can nail us to bed for a period of several days or even weeks. It is best to consult your doctor if the pain is prolonged or becomes more and more important.

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