Eyelash Lifting: The Perfect No-Fuss Eye Routine

Beauty counters are filled with selections to give you the perfect lashes. Multiple brands of mascaras promise to lengthen, darken and add fullness to everyday lashes. For those looking for more long-lasting options, they can turn to prescribed treatments that improve lash growth, the application of lash extensions or a more permanent dramatic curl through eyelash lifting. If you’re looking to ditch the mascara wand or lash curler, check out what can be achieved with eyelash lifting Jacksonville Beach FL.

Getting The Perfect Lash Curl

Just like a lash curler, the process of eyelash lifting curls the lashes in order to provide you with a more open-eyed appearance. Eyelash lifting should be performed by a specialist trained in cosmetic work around the eyes like eyelash extensions or tinting. During the lifting process, the lash specialist will set the lashes around a custom-sized rod made of silicone. Next, they will brush the lashes with a lifting solution that sets the lashes into a dramatic curl. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, it’s a good idea to let your specialist know so that they can test you for any allergic reactions before starting the process.

Maintaining The Perfect Lash Curl

Once done, an eyelash lifting should last almost six weeks. Immediately following the process, lash specialists advise keeping your lashes as dry as possible, and this includes holding off on mascara for the first day after treatment. Once the lifting solution sets, typically after that 24-hour window, your makeup routine can return to normal. While the eyelash lifting process can be performed up to every six weeks, most lash specialists advise giving the lashes small breaks between any sort of treatments.

New developments in the beauty market allow you to enhance your features while also decreasing your time in the mirror in preparation of the day. Eyelash lifting is the perfect solution for a low-maintenance but gorgeous eye first thing in the morning.