6 Steps to Building Your SEO Strategy

Nowadays, as a business owner you are likely to already know that SEO is important for the success of your website. But how do you go about creating a successful SEO strategy that is actionable and measurable?

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Start with Keywords

Keywords still lie at the heart of good SEO, and finding the right ones will make your strategy work. Ideally, gather around ten that link with your offer. Add these into the Google keyword tool to find useful variations. You can then create a list of keywords that you’ll aim to rank for – order them by relevance. This should be a guide that you regularly review and update – perhaps monthly.

Build Pages That Are Focused on Keywords

Have a range of pages that are tailored to specific phrases or keywords, using your keyword list. The number of pages should match your business’s product offer and locations.

Create a Blog

Blogging is a great way to engage with your audience and to rank for keywords. Set up one and blog weekly. Remember to blog for human readers rather than search engines, and add real value with your content. An SEO company in Dublin such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/search-engine-optimisation-seo.html can help you with this.

Create Your Plan for Link-Building

Link-building is vital and plays a key role in your web page ranking. Start small by sharing links with other local firms and complementary businesses as a reciprocal activity. Write blog posts and post them on social media. Proactively search for guest-blog opportunities which can backlink to your site.

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Keep Up to Date

SEO is always evolving, so stay up to date with trends so that you can evolve your practices. Read SEO blogs, work with an agency as necessary, attend training events and generally look for opportunities to know what’s happening.

Measure and Track Success

A good SEO programme will take time, resources and a bit of effort. Make sure you are measuring your efforts with the right metrics that you can track on a daily or monthly basis. Create a dashboard using an analytics package to monitor inbound traffic from organic searches. Other metrics to track include ROI, leads, keywords, inbound links and SERP rankings.

Get this strategy in place and you’ll start to see a quick improvement in your online performance.