3 Must-Haves to Make Rural Events a Success

If you’re planning a big outdoor event, you might feel limited to all-inclusive venues that don’t quite have the space you need, or frustrated when you find the perfect space that lacks the necessary facilities. Maybe you’ve found an amazing rustic farm that’s just perfect for your wedding or a gorgeous secluded forest for your swoon-worthy gala, but are stumped by how to meet the needs of your guests without resorting to nasty porta-potties or ugly pop-up tents. Fortunately, with these three must-haves, you can host an event in your dream setting without compromise.

Classy Portable Bathrooms

Gone are the days of unhygienic pit toilets. You can provide your guests with modern event restroom trailers that meet their needs in a sanitary way. Many rental packages even include an attendant to ensure that the restroom remains clean throughout your entire event.

Food Truck Catering

Rather than trying to work out details of a made-ahead meal, why not choose a service that will prepare the meal on-site? Restaurants that offer food truck catering can prepare a meal almost anywhere. The food will be fresher and tastier, and your guests will be impressed that you put so much thought into a high-quality meal.

Luxury Event Tents

Skip the little white pop-up tents. Look for large luxury tents or even temporary aluminum structures to set up your event venue wherever your heart desires. If you already have the perfect setting, why not choose a tent that accentuates it? Depending on the season, open-sided tents or those with clear panels or windows will allow your guests to take in the beauty of your venue even while being sheltered from the elements.

With a few key pieces, you can meet the needs of your guests even in the most rural locations. A little forethought goes a long way into creating your perfect outdoor event — one your guests will remember for many years to come.