Photographic Styles

With the advent of smartphones, taking photos is now second nature to most people. With high quality images available at the touch of a button, photos are now more utilitarian and less artistic. This hasn’t meant the end of professional photography, as we still want to see the work of those that can capture moments like no one else can. Technology has made it easier to create images that we never could have imagined. Here are some very different types of photography.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography has produced some of the most breathtaking images. Since the invention of photography in 1839, mankind has wanted to see Earth from above. Aerial photography has evolved from 1958, when a camera attached to a balloon was first used, to today’s advanced drones that capture images. For Drone Filming Companies, go to Skypower

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Black and white photography

Modern black and white photography is a way to keep the old traditions alive. It offers an elegant and stylish take on our world. Black and white photos are not necessary, but they add drama, create contrast and have a timeless feel. Black and white is a great way to make a statement that’s dramatic and eye-catching.

Wedding photography

This is the one time in our lives that we will hire a professional photographer. Most couples will opt for traditional portrait styles to capture their special day, but some are a little more adventurous. Photographs taken underwater, on peaks of mountains and even with wild animals are all possible. Photographers can turn a simple moment into a work of art.

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Interior photography

You’ve probably seen beautiful interiors photographed in home magazines. These professionals are able to create stunning images of any interior space. With the right lighting, angles, and composition these spaces can be transformed into stunning detail.