Google is experimenting with bringing material design to desktop search


Yes, you read that right, the Google search engine page could be about to change. In fact, some users have been Reddit and Twitter which have reported, a prior, this modification. A rejuvenated after -temporal- found its adaptation to Material Design, regulations or design language that the Mountain View are included in all its products.

A test, in any case, with the technology giant would be experiencing and coming with changes regarding the presentation from the links, even the wallpaper of the popular search engine, which would not be blank.

Image Source: Google Image

Possible changes

In this way and few hours after Twitter has been updated with Material Design, certain users have begun to experience several changes. Among the most striking, however, it is the one that has to do with white background, which has now become gray. A risky alteration, a prior, even though it is a pretty tone, because it is a significant visual difference, in our humble opinion.

Now it is not alone, as the results themselves, each appear on a blank card, placed on said gray background; a way to highlight the content and separate the links. Other minor variations relate to change the settings icon and updating the magnifying glass button, although the latter two have not been appreciated by many of the “informants”.

Another Google settings affect the position of the informative column which appears to the right of the screen certain searches. An addition that would be incorporated into the vertical list of results and that would require us to spend a little more time down the cursor.

However and regardless of aesthetics, it seems, if any , these changes will not affect too search results or the way we use the service (even the organization or structure). An important clause if we consider that any small change can affect giant advertising revenue.

Other modifications

Moreover, we can not help but comment that it is not the only change would be mulling the entity but early last month learned that the Mountain View were thinking about changing the blue color of its links to “dye them” of black .

An initiative that did not like too much and whose reasons still unknown, but probably is related to the visibility of the sponsored results. In any case and waiting to see if finally are released both transformations , the community will decide whether to go ahead or not. Visit this blog to know more.