Northamptonshire can now get robot deliveries for groceries

We all expect to be able to order something online and have it delivered the same day, if not within a few hours, but are robot deliveries now the norm or still the stuff of science fiction?
Changing habits

Autonomous vehicles are being used to deliver groceries in some areas of the UK after being trialled during the Covid pandemic, when there was a need for contactless deliveries. Northampton became the second town after Milton Keynes to operate the service. Originally intended to offer more choice and convenience to modern shoppers who are short of time, it quickly turned into a necessity for many.

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The Institute of Grocery Distribution reported that the Co-op saw the number of customers using robot deliveries more than double within six months of the first lockdown. Not only did vulnerable people turn to robot deliveries for their groceries but also customers who hadn’t ordered groceries online before used the service, downloading an app that allowed them to unlock the robot when it arrived on their doorstep.

Human contact

While most of these robot deliveries are completely autonomous, there are humans on hand in case something goes wrong. This suggests there is still a need for the human touch; in fact, while some people favour speed, many still prefer to have human interaction and there is still a lot of demand for same day courier services. Companies such as All About Freight and other same day courier Leicester services specialise in fast, reliable deliveries that are often a cost-effective way to have goods delivered to your door at a time that suits. Courier services offer a range of vehicle sizes, with many guaranteeing delivery within a timeframe or you get your money back.

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The future of delivery

It remains to be seen whether robots will be seen trundling along the suburbs as more of us turn to them; however, e-commerce is here to stay. Starship Technologies, the company behind the robots, has completed five million autonomous deliveries worldwide since they commenced in 2018.