How to Train the Brain and Improve Concentration

As business owners have always lots of irons in the fire. Staying focused can be difficult in front of a steady stream of employees, customers, emails and phone calls that need your attention. Amid all this noise, understand the capabilities and limitations of your brain and the multitasking rules learning to work around, can help you improve your concentration and growing your productivity.

Our brain is finely tuned on distractions, so nowadays, living in a digital environment makes it particularly difficult to focus our attention. “Distractions are a sign that something has changed”. So a distraction is a warning, directs your attention here and now and could be dangerous.” The reaction of the brain is instinctive, automatic and virtually unstoppable.

Network brain

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We have already talked about how the multitasking is considered an important capability. Multitasking reduces our intelligence, literally collapsing our IQ. We can make mistakes, lose a subtle allusion or joke, and lose control when we should not or simply make mistakes in writing.

To be honest, however, there are also positive aspects of multitasking:  distraction, for example, works great. Our brain is rewarded with a reactivation of all circuits when we act in multitasking. In other words, you get an adrenaline rush when you do several things at once.

The common goal should not be to constantly stay focused but be able to have, every day, for short periods free from distraction. Below we present three practical tips that will help you improve your concentration and become more productive.

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  1. Take the first creative work

Typically, the first step to do is the tedious and repetitive work and leaves for at least the more challenging task. This consumes your energies on lowering your level of ability to concentrate on losing focus.”After an hour’s work you will not have the same ability to concentrate and focus that you had at the beginning, every decision made a tired brain,” Rock says.

  1. Intentionally spread your time

After studying thousands of people, Rock noted that we are really focused only 6 hours per week. And the case to be very diligent in choosing the activities that will carry out in those hours.

Most people focus better in the morning or late at night. The Rock studies show that 90% of people are more efficient outside of office hours. Then try to understand what are the best times to focus and dedicated to those times the performance of the most difficult tasks.

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  1. Trained your mind as a muscle

When you perform tasks in multitasking becomes the norm, your brain is able to adapt quickly. In this way, however, we lose the ability to stay focused, dealing with the distraction like a habit.

Practice your ability to concentrate by cutting out all distractions and being determined to channel of your attention to the performance of a single task. A small task, perhaps one thing to 5 minutes a day, and work trying to increase the duration of the selected task. If you found your mind wandering, return to focus on what you are doing.