Those who do not want relationships


Some people say they do not want to have sex and it is absolutely true, what they want is to have everything that makes them live the illusion of having a partner but without really having it. They believe the pain of a breakup is in proportion to the degree of their relationship and why they have “no-boyfriends”, “friends with benefits”, “good friends”, “special people” or “it’s complicated” (this is the one I love, I childbirth every time I hear). But they do not want to have sex.

They want everything good that gives you a relationship without going through any of its other stages. Continually looking to connect with someone as if they were a wireless network, without going over is not going to be to become a real relationship and have to do something. They want to have a person beside awakening, they want someone who is there when needed, but without being trapped in a relationship (For some reason when they are in a relationship prisoners feel).

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They do not want to have sex. They are looking for a fast love also to take away the hunger of the moment also feed them, and as that does not happen frustrated because basically expected under the wrapper of cheap paper that said “burger” had a rib eye class A.

Then curse the air: where is that perfect and ideal love that has been promising me all life is? At what point you are to align the planets to finally all make sense and live my happy story? I am in my right to find the love of my life! Why do I have to do something?

They preach living day to day, but watch the clock continuously thinking that they run out of time and still have not found the perfect match. Do not spend time getting to know someone because if they’d know his true love with the first look. When left for a coffee (and you do not have an appointment, it stays for coffee) are pending all tables within which they are sitting. Instead of living in the moment think their true love could be in another table and they are wasting time.

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If they catch a chocolate from a box rather than taste it and see if they really like, they are thinking that maybe another could be better. So who spit in their mouths, before the flavor take more presence, and go for another is not going to be someone ahead and stay with the best of the box. They do not want to have sex. They want to be sure that bet on the winning horse and not wasting time that they exhausted every second or away from the “promised happily ever after.” They not want to commit, but feel something, if they are wrong and does not work. Needless to life were a tombola and have a limit of attempts to get the prize!

They want the facade of a relationship, but not the effort involved in having it. They want to fill your facebook profile with pictures of them two different places funds but do not want to make the trip. Before taking, any steps need to know what’s in the next century because they want to get the benefits without risk. They are looking for someone that they fit like a tailored suit, and if they see a loose thread instead of try first to sew throw it away and buy a new one. Why try? Will be for costumes.

They say they do not want to have sex, but at bedtime always put on one side of the bed although no one is occupying the other.

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