Seven beaches that we love and have no white sand ideal for winter getaways!


While half the world is almost head tucked in the winter, there are privileged areas where you can still enjoy the beach, the sun and the relaxation that can only be achieved with feet sunk in the white or golden sands. White or gold? Not always! A across the planet, we have met with sandy beaches all colors. Visual spectacles that we would love to escape the cold now that attacks us.

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Red Sand | Kaihalulu Beach (Hawaii)

Surrounded by red cliffs of volcanic beach Kaihalulu joins the party with its sand color the same color, in contrast to a sea that always has the most pristine paradise blue tone Hawaii. The complicated access through a path of steep and difficult hiking, it is never crowded and you can enjoy your dreamy look.

In addition to its peculiar color, the beach is also a sacred site of the mythology of the islands, as it was the birthplace of Queen Ka’ahumanu and a famous scene of historical battles.

Black Sand | The Mauves (Lanzarote)

In the Canary Islands we can find several beaches of black sand or so, but perhaps the most charming is the Las Malvas, in Lanzarote. For its size, barely 300 meters, which makes it an intimate haven in which to let all the stress of the year. By its difficult access, through a dirt road about five kilometers from the village of Tinajo. And his mystical air, with black sand from the Fire Mountains of Timanfaya.

Violet Arena | Pfeiffer Beach (California)

South Monterey Peninsula hosts the Big Sur region, one of the least populated areas of California, known for its mountainous character, in which the Sierra de Santa Lucia emerges from the Pacific and gives rise to such incredible formations like the beach Pfeiffer. In it, large patches of violet intermingle with golden sand, resulting in a color that changes intensity with the different shades of the sun.

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Brown sand | Porto Covo (Portugal)

Porto Covo is a small town 160 kilometers south of Lisbon, in the middle region of the coastal Alentejo, one of the quietest of the Portuguese coast. With just over 1,000 inhabitants, its three beaches, especially Praia Grande, are a favorite of many Lisbon residents escaping to enjoy for much of the year. Its sands are orange and brown waves, excellent for surfing. The best time to live it in all its glory is the sunset when the colors of sand intermingle with the sky. Must have the camera handy.

Greensand | Papakolea Beach (Hawaii)

We return to Hawaii to enjoy another of the wonders that nature has left on the islands. The green sand beach Papakolea has its origin in the olivine, a mineral that is part of the volcanic debris that have accumulated in that area by the sea. As with many others in this list, one of the reasons for its success is the difficulty of access, which is only possible in 4×4, which has preserved over the years, its pristine appearance and quiet and relaxing their environment.

Orange Arena | San Blas Bay (Malta)

On the island of Gozo, at the end of a steep road from the village of Nadur, we find the beach of San Blas Bay, a haven of peace with sands of a bright orange that under the Mediterranean sun, acquires shades that surprise visitors. Its crystal clear waters also make it a perfect place to practice snorkeling.

Multi-Colored sand | Praia dos cristais (A Coruña)

In the village of Laxe, on the Costa da Morte Galicia, it is the Praia dos cristais (beach crystals), an example of how nature can become beautiful even that with which we attack. In the place where an old landfill was located, the sea was returning, polished pieces of glass that now give the place a unique look, with its multicolored sands converted into small crystals, including predominantly green and transparent. In recent years, it has become a must to visit for Galician and tourists.