Ten rules for a healthy and lasting relationship

healthy and lasting relationship

Time passes, but not the love. Here are the ingredients needed to make stronger the couple’s relationship.

Fear of time passing? The real couple’s therapy rests on the ability to accept and encourage! Our growth and partners without fear of changes. Discover the handbook that helps you make healthier the relationship with your own.

healthy and lasting relationship
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1) Enthusiasm – Can still surprise you and smile of the new ideas that come to mind? Often the change is seen as problematic. Remember that a healthy couple both know … grow and manage to be excited for the others aspirations.

2) Privacy – Nurture a mental space to devote to the things you love to do. Find time for what inspires you, and that arouses your curiosity. It is important to have a hobby or a metaphorical shelter to be alone with ourselves.

3) Others – There are things that we can change through dialogue and there are aspects … they will always remain so! Hardly a character can change into what distinguishes deep: look at things honestly and ask if he is really the type of person compatible with your lifestyle.

4) Dialogue – No recrimination, guilt and habit to bring up the past. During the discussions remain in the here and now; it will help you to find a common solution without block you in that which divides you.

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5) Mutual Aid – What does need another? And us? We learn to express our needs and observe each other, otherwise the risk is blurt out at any moment as a pressure cooker.

healthy and lasting relationship
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6) Decalogue – Mortgages, bills, and children: sometimes daily needs make us hard and nervous, especially to those who share with us the deepest intimacy. When you need … make a run or a walk! Better to talk only after leaving out the tension and emotion of the day.

7) Television – How many times the TV becomes a company (or the excuse) able to silence all talk? Even at the table or after dinner. Learn to turn off the television and … started to ask how your day was?

8) Surprises – A lunch break to turn into picnic, free afternoon at the spa, a special dinner : it’s the little things in life to make us smile of true joy and add complicity, passion, enthusiasm.

9) Skin – The sex life is an important part in the couple’s relationship. Sleeping embraced and feel the skin contact stimulates the desire and maintains higher torque complicity science confirms.

10) Kiss – The good night kiss? A habit sweet to end the day. Sometimes we just need a hug and a caress to lay down their arms and smile again.